Xiaomi MI3 dosn´t start-up - no image on screen - just vibrates

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  1. Hello,I bought an Xiaomi MI3 64 GB last 18 August and i have received it yesterday 21 August, from Antelife store.I have configured the phone, installed lots of applications from Android Store, but the phone was not very stable. One time he has rebooted with out any reason.
    At night, when i was sleeping, he start to vibrate, but i thought it was the battery finishing. It was strange because i have noted the phone was very hot.At morning i tried to start the phone but never appears any image and the phone still vibrates from time to time, without appearing any image on the screen.
    I have tried to put it charging and the flash led appears red and blinking continuously.
    What´s wrong with the phone?
    Please help me.I live in Portugal.
  2. Solved.

    It was just an battery charge problem. Still doesn´t understand how he drains 43% of battery in standby last night! It was that percentage that he has when i laid my bed to sleep.

    Any suggestion?!
  3. after 3 charges , this problem solved himself ;)
  4. Thank you

    I hope you are right
  5. if the problem is not solved , drain your battery , put your phone in airplane mode , charge it to 100percent, after complete charge , turn of 1 hour , i have read this on a forum ;)
  6. Hello,Thank you for your reply.The problem is solved. It seems to be an charging problem or particularity. After the first discharge, it will take about an hour connected to power, to start charging the battery. Then will be needed about 3 hours to full 100% charge. I think that is an battery optimization method from Xiaomi.
  7. reneftw


    Apr 4, 2014
    You should never let the phone fully discharge. It's bad for the battery. That kind of thing was for the old ni-cd or ni-mh batteries.
  8. Jeffrey van Zeijst

    May 17, 2014
    you use the regular charger? mine didnt like charging on a stock european charger, so i just use the original charger with the adapter.

    also the whole discharging and full charging is not necessarily good or better..The only thing that seems to benefit from it, is to get the battery stats in both the recovery and phone equalized! so its a bit more optimized that way.
    A quick charge to 75/80% is very common in todays smartphone..than the last few percentages do come slower.

    Is your screen issue already fixed?

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