New Xiaomi Mi5s (miui 8 Global): Geolocation Service Is Totally Unusable.


Jun 20, 2017
The geolocation service that we developers use, doesn't seem to work correctly. I'm using the latest version of Ionic and Cordova to access via my hybrid apps to the geolocation service of my device, but they just don't work. In my navigator and other devices, the GPS position is fetched within just half a second or so. But with my Xiaomi mi5s, it takes from 3 to 5 minutes to retrieve the coordinates.

This is my setup:

Xiaomi mi5s
MIUI 8 Global (
Android 6.0.1

I see there are other higher version ROMS out there, but my phone just doesn't give me the option to update. In the Settings zone, "About my device", if I click "System updates", I always receive a message saying that there are no current updates for the phone.

This problem occurs both with the GPS enabled and disabled, and both when fetching the data with the option "enableHighAccuracy" on, and off. I even tried using the typical navigator geolocation, and I get the very same error.

Anybody else is getting this same error? This should be patched for everybody out there, because fixing it just for me won't make any difference. As developer, I want my apps to work in almost all devices, and I don't feel any relaxed knowing that many Xiaomi devices won't work with it just because of some weird bug in their geolocation firmware.

We (developers) need a global solution to fix this problem.

ingbrzy ROM leader
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Feb 11, 2012
you have FAKE ROM..

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