Xiaomi MIUI Update via adb sideload


May 12, 2022
Hello community,

I need to install a MIUI OTA Zip file via adb sideload on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S (model number M2101K7BNY). The device has been bricked after a Xiaomi security update and is only booting into recovery menu.

I need MIUI 12.5 EU ROM. The relevant OTA file should have the file identifier RKLEUXM.

By now I tried about 10 Zip files via the the tools Xiaomi ADB and ADB 1.3 from XDA Developers. My system is WIndows 11 and virus scan as well as the firewall is disabled.

I use the original Xiaomi USB cable and tried the other USB ports on the system.

It doesn’t make a difference if the SD card is inserted or not.

The bootloader is NOT unlocked.

The device is recognized via the command adb devices in sideload mode.

I type
adb sideload_miui <name of MIUI Zip file> respectively
adb sideload <name of MIUI Zip file>
and Window command line informs me that the file is transferred to the device shortly and the device is rebooting. Sometimes I get the error "failed to read command: no error"

I always tried the MIUI recovery zip versions from the official Xioami sites.

The Xiaomi support couldn’ t help me.

Does anybody know about such a problem and could recover a bricked device via adb sideload without loosing data ?

If I use a wrong Zip file - via adb sideload - which can’t be installed logically will the existing Android system be overwritten and corrupted so that I can’ t update it via the correct OTA Zip file afterwards or is nothing changed on the existing system ?

Is adb sideload the only chance to recover a bricked device with original Xiaomi ROM and locked bootloader without loosing data ?

Can I flash the ROM via fastboot mode with locked bootloader without overwriting the internal storage ?

Is there a special MIUI ROM for Germany ? I always tried it with the EU version but no Zip file is transferred respectively installed on the device.

Kind regards


May 12, 2022
I made several attempts with different tools. Xiaomi V2Tool detected the MIUI EU version on the device but flashing via this tool overwrites all data of the internal storage.

After installing MTK drivers the device is detected in fastboot mode. I also installed Android USB drivers.

I tried MiFlash from Xiaomi and SPFlash tool from MTK but none of them recognizes the device in fastboot mode. It seems that a special driver is missing but I couldn' t find them. I don't understand this because adb tools can access the device via fastboot mode.

It seems that adb sideload doesn' t work since the device is locked by the chip manufacturer MTK. Therefore it isn' t possible to access the internal storage.

Has anyone experience concerning these problems or can confirm this system behaviour ?

Does anybody know these two flash tools and knows which requirements have to be fulfilled that the device is recognized through these flash tools ?

My only request is that I can access the internal storge via a Windows PC without a running Android system.


Jun 29, 2022
If you are bricked and your device is locked to the bootloader I think you remove the back of your phone to poke a test point. the device will enter edl mode and you can reinstall the ROM
I don't know if Xiaomi's MTK devices can use this method like Snapdragon. you can try to find similar instructions for your phone model.

MTK devices are generally not supported here.

Here is a similar guide. you can rely on it to find the right guide for your device.

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