Xiaomi Red Rice Phone - Another FAKE??

Jun 17, 2014
Well before i open a case on ebay with the seller, i wanted to run it pass the users on the forums to confirm if its a fake or not.

Firstly, i can't get google play to work and the imei number is too short to enter into the xiaomi website to verify.

Phone was purchased from here:

I downloaded Cpu-Z

Model is 2013022
Manafacturer: Xiaomi
Board 2013022
Display HBJ2.1
Hardware MT6572
Android version 4.2.1
Kernal version 3.4.5 (JHACNAH5.0)
Screen resolution is 540 x 960.

Now to me the hardware don't seem right, and the display should 720x1280.

Could someone please confirm my thought on if this phone is a fake?