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Xiaomi Bluetooth 3.0 Game Controller MDZ-11-AA

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Xiaomi Bluetooth Game Controller for Mi TV has a dual-motor vibration and shock system and tri-axial gravity sensing. Made from material produced by Samsung for toughed durability, it can be kept free of scratches, sun UV discoloration, and helps reduce sweat build up. Ergonomic key layout and familiar handle design make it comfortable to use for long periods of time.

The bi-directional cross keys offer high precision, 360 degree positioning with even distribution of the gap when pressed in different directions. The top side of the controller features convenient trigger keys to match the shape of your fingers, suitable for racing games, shoot em ups etc.

The rocker control offers a positioning accuracy of up to 0.172 degrees and a center of 0.5 degrees of anti-interefence to avoid finger shake caused by misuse. Made from soft injection molded material it is comfortable for hands, ensuring no wear on your skin after long periods of use.

The A/B/X/Y, cross keys, L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons are made from high impact resistant silicone material which can withstand the toughest of use cases. Bosch have included there 3-axis gravity accelerometer to capture accurate feedback for immersive and real gaming experiences.

Using Bluetooth 3.0 no limits to direction or angle and fast response time along with lower power consumption. After 5 minutes of no use the controller automatically powers off.. The controller is powered by 2 x AA batteries and can last up to 1 year. Xiaomi Bluetooth 3.0 Game Controller can be used with Smart TV's, Android TV boxes, Tablets or Smart phones.


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