Xiaomi Mi WiFi Powerline OFDM Technology WiFi Access Point Kit (DVB4125CN)

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mains Powered WiFi Access Point Kit solves the problem of weak WiFi performance and signal strength. Because each of the units are powered by mains power they can be placed around your home, office or apartment in locations where traditional wired LAN or other equipment may take up floor or desk space. It is also winner of the Reddot Design Award Winner 2017.

The Xiaomi MiWiFi Mains Powered WiFi Access Point Kit solution is elegant and comes with two pieces of hardware. The main access point (Without Antenna's) and the slave access point with x2 Antennas.

The Kit can support up to 7 access points (1 Master host and 7 slaves) or other combinations of the master AP and slave AP.

Each AP runs via the master AP creating its own WiFi Shortcut, this means the round trip of the WiFi does not need to go all the way back to your main router, thus improving the overall performance and signal to your device(s).

Xiaomi MiWiFi Mains Powered WiFi Access Point Kit makes full use of power line communication, Ethernet signal into a low frequency band electrical signal in conjunction with OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) demodulation and QAM modulation technique.

Master AP has x1 LAN Ethernet port which must be connected to your Xiaomi WiFi router in order to function. It is recommended to check that you have suitable power setup for the Master AP before purchasing this item.

Slave AP has 2x2 external antenna offering seamless network experience providing up to 300Mbps wireless transfer rates. Stable performance and better coverage, even through walls thew 2.4GHz signal will perform well without interruption.

Each unit is plug and play ready and can be configured using the Mi WiFi APP. They also offer seamless configuration with Mi WiFi routers.

Main unit configuration

  1. CPU QCA6410
  2. ROM 8Mbit NOR Flash
  3. x1 10/100Mbps LAN port
  4. 3 LED indicator (Red, Blue and Yellow)
  5. Factory reset button

Slave unit configuration

  • CPU QCA9533
  • ROM 16MB SLC Nand Flash
  • 2.4G WiFi (2x2 Antenna supporting IEEE 802.11n protocol max rate; 300Mbps) on channels 1 to 12 with a modulation of 11dB.
  • Based on OpenWRT and Mi WiFi ROM, language is currently in Chinese only.

Please note: Ensure you have a Xiaomi Mi WiFi router to take advantage of this product.

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