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    Status: done
    Phone Board Version Official Mirror Author MD5
    Samsung Galaxy S2GT-I9100JB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomicf2df7581fa0ab650b48aa838de95a84
    Nexus 7 2013 Wi-FifloKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomibdc22010910e92c36051864f618da90f
    Xiaomi MI-2/MI-2SariesJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi703add75cee69ce0bf05ece65b793b2b
    Xiaomi MI3 WCDMAcancroKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi37f6e13c5f74c87b4d0c5d4968b5514c
    HTC One XendeavoruJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi80f7b61eec5a3792953cf702e6285923
    ZTE Nubia Z5SNX503AJB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi8376801309f27d0366917ec820f4bde8
    ZTE Nubia Z5S MiniNX403AJB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi4a93b1f6afe9bdfa457ef03a1cd0168c
    SGS3 - i9300m0JB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomif0ff0a1ef336ca2dbf83c84d99bee2ab
    Google Nexus 5hammerheadKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomib1540c905204e6f3447deacf56635cbb
    SG Note 3 - N9000ha3gKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi18ea5d8e0ca0c2ee7cf2d39cde6c44f0
    HTC Onem7JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi8eabf4dde0a11c8960ed7fc06a917e16
    SGS4 - i9500ja3gJB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi6c1156cf41ceade9f4755f4837436a81
    Xiaomi MiPADmochaKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi2780a6bf81745caad17a26a37916e484
    Xiaomi MI2-AtaurusJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi2d96856e0c8ca9723c752664de1c0a16
    Meizu MX2mx2JB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi0f2e444a4c0630ce1676371e3c2dc5a7
    Xiaomi MI3 TDpiscesKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi26b7fcb5dadbbd5bcf452d1446e4818c
    Galaxy Nexus GSMmaguroJB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi5f711aeef61377dc8136d89ec6dc690b
    Samsung Note 2t03gJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomibb5cc494cf741fb414e4730ffc780f1e
    Galaxy NoteGT-N7000JB - 4.1LinkGooGerrett55a6a5ed7ca732df3a935ae2dc46b504
    SGS3 - i9300m0KK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi714860deb77e64f1fe2eefbd6051150c
    ZTE V967SP188F07JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi - Port3221a9c962a0da30c1ce3c44a746b93f
    LG G2d802KK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi2b68820dd35a714e7d1845666a62ce2f
    HTC One XendeavoruKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomib53aa01eb5c4bb46f37a79476d7d57a8
    OPPO Find 7afind7KK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi574e80fcaebdd737daece1366d6f7642
    HTC SensationpyramidJB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi - Port8b95db6fa2190909c6a7b961d9039ce2
    LG Optimus 4Xp880JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi - Port6464c6026476975f254098c2afd7da79
    LG Nexus 4makoKK - 4.4LinkGooGerrettb5b5f13f4598cdd82aaf16c24c5cd651
    Samsung Note 2t03gKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomid480ce450de4ec254f9fb0e1c25ec104
    SG Note 3 - N9005hlteKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi3088ca67d99c014574995e8d1f214e00
    LG Optimus Ge975JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi - Portb787d6dab0d671e073e95b33336d9749
    Samsung Galaxy S2GT-I9100JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi4af3579378d9b3d574d79a6bd932ff8b
    HTC One SvilleJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi - Portfb79d8bbf94ad69c11e3fc4c7ba8d044
    Sony Xperia ZL36hKK - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi - Port83b31235257743ae26d83dadeaa3d916
    Sony Xperia SLT26iJB - 4.1LinkGooXiaomi - Port479fbaf3622edfde5a5d1513853d36ee
    LG Optimus Ge975JB - 4.2LinkGooXiaomi - Port8dcc842c3f023dfa841e7dd95d1d991b

    Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi NOT 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    Xiaomi Redmi Note (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    We have two kind of MIUI v5 roms for Galaxy S2, HTC One X and Galaxy Note 2.
    • official MIUI roms based on Samsung/HTC firmware Android 4.1.2
    • unofficial MIUI ports based on AOSP/CM Android 4.2.2.
    You can use official or ported MIUI.
    Be aware that you have to make full wipe in recovery if you're comming from 4.1.2 official to 4.2.2 ported MIUI.
    Make sure which rom you are downloading. Android base number is in file name: 4.1 (official) or 4.2 (port).


    Xiaomi devices:
    • Install via OTA or Updater app
    Other OFFICIAL devices:
    • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
    • REBOOT
    Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:
    • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
    • REBOOT
    Nexus 7 and other tablets:
    • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
    • REBOOT

    • Follow XML changes in Source v5 repo here and Tablets here
    • Our translation guide is here
    • Check for errors in your repo here
    Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger.

    Languages included in MIUIv5 devices:
    Language included in Nexus 7 and other tablets:

    • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod - any issue or request report here
    • Xiaomi M1/S will not get Multilang v5 because of small /system partition.
    • Translators - you can now translate Simple clock widget clock here
    • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
    • Xiaomi changed rules for OTA and we cant use our servers anymore.. So we have to use only Xiaomi servers which are really slow.. sorry for that...
    • We have 2 Galaxy S4 roms: jfltexx (port) for GT-I9505 and official ja3g for GT-I9500 variant.
    • Xiaomi NFC MiTag app DOWNLOAD (copy to /system/app and set permissions to rw-r--r--)
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  3. ingbrzy

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    • Fix - Sometimes, Power saving mode would FC (Mi 2/2S) (7-21)

    • Fix - Could not set volume to the maximum level during a call (Mi 3 WCDMA/CDMA) (7-21)
    • Optimization - Optimized the function of recognizing time information in messages (7-24)
    • Optimization - There will be a prompt if a mail is not sent in 5 minutes (7-24)
    • Optimization - 'Quick response' will be sent to all (7-24)
    • Fix - When using QQ mail, clicking on contacts avatars would cause display error (7-24)
    • Fix - After pressing 'Refresh', the state displayed wrongly (7-24)
    • Fix - Send later button didn't work when failed to send a mail (7-24)

    • New - New Saver page UI (7-23)
    • New - Data saver exceptions list, allow some apps to use data without limit (7-24)
    • Optimization - Shared blocklist only blocks numbers in Blocklist. In customized rules, calls from strangers are allowed by default (7-24)

    • New - Added Xunlei download accelerating service (7-23)
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    Dobrý deň Ingbrzy,

    I need your confirmation. If I using your multilang version of MIUI, it is including gapps and no need to install any additional gapps. Am I right? I just like to find out why google play games (ex. real drift car racing) don't work on my device after full wipe on clean system. Other users in Hungary confirmed they have no problem with this game.

  5. rattensuppe

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    This does not mean Power Saving mode is back in for Mi3, does it?


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    Is the support for the xperia z L36H over?
  7. ingbrzy

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    Gapps are included in all our ROMs...

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  8. ingbrzy

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    No.. Not needed anymore..

  9. Jacketti

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    Are there new languages for the Mipad?

    Verstuurd van mijn MI 2 met Tapatalk
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  10. graw2

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    Please somebody try this game and give me feedback :

    I always get FC after start the game. Here is the bug report :

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    at dalvik.system.BaseDexClassLoader.findClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
    at Source)
    ... 12 more
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    Next posts not related to this topic (like above) will be removed.
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  13. qbert456

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    Power save mode, not needed apparently. Has been fixed for mi2.
    Isn't that hypocritical!
    I didn't update to last weeks at all after people on here said power save was removed.
  14. rattensuppe

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    As far as I know there was still the option to switch to Power Saving mode elsewhere. That caused the App to FC.

    I think if they say it's not needed anymore, that it is true. Even if I find it kind of strange. Im still on 4.7.11, also because of that.

    But I will update today to 4.7.25 and check if I find the phone to last less long w/o Power Saving mode or not.
  15. qbert456

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    I'll do the same, after I've done a cwm backup. Good idea!
  16. peelaa

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    I have just tried the free version on my mi2s, I also get fc. Obviously a problem with the ROM.
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  17. hiddener

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    Should I ignore the ROM update on my ZTE V967S? It's the first time I receive it :)
  18. jaliee85

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  19. Gabriel

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    with this update, it can do video call. ????? Thx

    KEVIN KEVIN Members

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    Why not just report it to developers not MIUI report it though google play store
  21. LE DREAU

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    After rom 4.7.4 there is no more rom for the N7000 (Galaxy Note), can i hope 4.7.25 will be for N7000 ?

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