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    Status: Done

    Phone Board Version Official Mirror Author MD5
    Xiaomi MI3 TDpiscesV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomif950492d9cc42e6d1bea2a4a6ecc2751
    Xiaomi MI3/Mi4 WCDMAcancroV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi27b22cff79c1a886f66577545c616c13
    Xiaomi Redmi NOTE 4G/LTEdiorV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi0da9abf5baef913a6ec55102a3113b7f
    Xiaomi MI2-AtaurusV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomica97d92b39d925aea4eaa7426a45a5f8
    Xiaomi MI-2/MI-2SariesV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomieb206fe16a30ed17b4cca852ceaaf4bb
    Xiaomi MiPADmochaV6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi4f4da0f6e24ef112a24e145cc3a59e21
    Xiaomi Redmi 2 WCDMAHM2014811V6 - 4.4LinkGooXiaomi9113090e8aecb1ce286206c97fb5490d


    For first installation of Mi2S v6 SPECIAL EDITION
    - Install v6 via MiFlash (flash_all) - image

    - Then install our multilang via Updater app like usually

    For first installation of Mi2A v6 SPECIAL EDITION
    - Install v6 via MiFlash (flash_all) - image
    - Then install our multilang via Updater app like usually

    Xiaomi Redmi Series:
    - Xiaomi Redmi 2 4G LTE

    • Multilang rom only for HM2014811 model (China Unicom/Telecom variants)
    - Xiaomi Hongmi/Redmi NOT 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi Note (Doesn't have weekly releases):
    - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE (Doesn't have weekly MIUIv5 releases):


    Xiaomi devices:
    • Install via OTA or Updater app
    Other OFFICIAL devices:
    • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
    • REBOOT
    Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:
    • Download and flash our current Multi language ROM in CWM
    • REBOOT
    • Follow XML changes in Source v5 repo here and v6 here
    • Our translation guide is here
    • Check for errors in your repo here
    Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger!
    Language included in MIUIv6:
    Will be included:
    • Macedonian (FYROM)
    • Help with SWEDISH translation here

    • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod - any issue or request report here
    • MIUI Changelog + See CHANGELOG for your language...
    • Xiaomi changed rules for OTA and we cant use our servers anymore.. So we have to use only Xiaomi servers which are really slow.. sorry for that...
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  3. ingbrzy

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    Fix - Unstable GPS service on some Mi 4 devices caused by Google locate aid server stability issue (01-21)

    [Lockscreen, Status bar, Notification shade]
    Optimization - Optimized display animation effect and position of lockscreen notifications (01-20)
    Fix - Error in screen display after taking a call using headphone remote buttons when watching videos with headphone (01-21)

    [Home screen]
    Optimization - Updated dynamic Weather icon (01-19)
    Optimization - Allow setting images in SD card as wallpaper for devices supporting SD card (01-21)
    Fix - Sometimes, home screen icons overlapped (01-19)

    Optimization - Prompt when moving images out of secret album (01-21)
    Optimization - New procedure of setting album images as wallpaper (01-21)
    Optimization - Could not move images in tilted way after enlarging them (01-21)
    Fix - Error when pinching images with two fingers (01-21)
    Fix - FC when deleting images from system lockscreen and wallpaper folders (01-21)

    Optimization - Music playing status will be saved even if device was turned off with music being played (01-21)
    Optimization - Broadened equalizer buttons tapping area (01-21)
    Fix - Some MP3 files' ID3 could not be edited (01-21)

    [Data usage]
    New - Lockscreen data monitoring (01-19)
    Optimization - Data package setting procedure (01-20)

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    Great news !!!!!
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    Wtf!? Based on comments it seems to me users have moved from forum to here

    Sent from my Mi2S / MIUI6
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    Does this update also contain the camera update?
  10. carmos

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  11. Tyesh

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    Cancro only 395 mb?
  12. RuLe

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    Can fix browser initial pace and message font on mi2a?
  13. lukazzo

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    is for redmi 2?
  14. annihilator

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    Yes 400 mb, is not too small?
  15. ingbrzy

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  16. Иван Пейчев

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    Is there a camera update here?(in the official changelog it say there is an update for the camera)
  17. smudger

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    MiPad version from fanboys link unsuccessful. Resulted in 'select home app' loop in combination with a message saying storqge space running out when MiPad has over 32GB still free.

    Another issue : instructions say use OTA or updater app. OTA setting seems to have gone and updater app has crept in unannounced and has started updating automatically by default, screwing up the system but not to the extent of the 150123 update. I suspect the Updater app downloaded and auto installed the official rom. So the instruction should maybe to turn off auto in updater and manually download rom file from outside updater app and (if necessary?) install update from file option in updater settings.

    But can one not just install by renaming to and install from recovery as before? Reinstalling 150116 rom from recovery did not cause problems of the fanboys 150123 update fyi.
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    Aries ROM is missing from the table.
  19. moly82

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    why should it be too small? the two previous releases where about the same... 395-400mb...!

    ps. and thanks devs for providing multi-language package for mi3 so quickly after chinese versions! ;)
  20. VooDooN

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    The same issue with the message "Storage space running out" on MiPad 16GB.
  21. annihilator

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    oh no just a question.
    the speed is unbelievable....

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