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Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

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    • Fix darkened screen problems at the top of screen when shutting down phone
    • Optimized 12-hour time-phased by the "AM / PM" to "morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and midnight,"
    • Fix Phone process crashes due to being unable to connect the Bluetooth headset
    • Fix Baidu browser, select Other > Network Settings leads to FC

    • Optimisation of third-party calling, allow the proximity sensor to turn on or off the screen
    • Fix MMS message received (2G network) opening download item leads to problems
    • New setting for FDN dial-up, to prohibit import contacts from the File Explorer
    • Optimisation and updates to the attribution database
    • Fix call off Enabled from the sensor, resulting in being unable to be turned off by the distance sensor

    • Added support to export / import contacts to SIM card
    • Optimise import / export settings logic

    • Fix in some case the wrong session is displayed from the search results page
    • Fix search MMS does not return session results correctly

    [Lock screen, status bar and notifications]
    • Fix setting the m-key cannot turn off the screen (lock screen)
    • Fix folding lock screen black block problems

    • Added support for SD card camera
    • Optimisation to improve quality and reduce noise
    • Optimisation of desktop frame rate
    • Fix problem clicking on desktop clock widget did not open the desk clock app

    • Fix theme cannot be successfully applied to the dial-up interface (Reported by Pele Roberts)
    • Add new version of theme search UI to make searching themes more efficient
    • Fix problem applying desk clock widget theme did not apply theme

    • Fix control bar, the song name does not update
    • Fix folder filter function errors
    • Optimise lyrics and song information is displayed simultaneously in the UI

    • Fix problems with gallery library FC issues
    • Fix details page slide view for multiple pictures, the page location will still return to the list of images
    • Fix MMS, chat, or third-party applications failure or FC issues
    • Optimisation of picture list page and album list now uses new UI spacing
    • Fix in browse list of albums occasionally causes FC error

    • Added in 4.0 to restore a 2.3 backup package, supports restore of the desktop layout
    • Fix "full upgrade" button repeatedly clicking
    • Added support to control keyboard capacitive lights

    [Guard / DND]
    • Optimisation of SMS keyword (spam) filtering rules
    [System Updater (OTA)]

    • Fix issue in Download Manager when download via Wi-Fi only is enabled, clicking on the update button will prompt wether to use data connection to download

    • Optimisation for lock screen sticky notes to remind, ringtone does not ring
    [Alarm Clock]
    • New switch controls such as quasi-physical vibration effects
    • Fix alarm clock cannot be canceled or delayed (Snooze)
    English changelog written for MIUI.com by MIUIAndroid.com weekly.
    ROMS will be published later this morning.

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    And what's the sticky notes on lockscreen?
  5. black_mamba

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    Widget for Notes...which you can stick on desktop, that's what it is.

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    Buna e in limba romana ????
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    Does anyone know if the magnifying glass works on SGS2 now?
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    Which build is used for the Galaxy S2?
  9. crisvanro

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    Are si ROMÂNĂ ?????
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    Well... usually the one that says "Samsung Galaxy S2". o_O
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