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    Cm11- suddenly no mic and earpiece is working

    Such a shame I didn't see this post before. I had exactly the same with CM and tried quite a lot of options including a clean install. Even without installing any add-ons it occurred for me. Usually after a few restarts of the phone it starts and a full cache clean resettled it. At the end I...
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    New Mail - Exchange - PIN Security

    Use a patched exchange.apk that bypasses the security settings of the exchange server. There are several different versions on xda available. Another option might be to use nine as a mail client. That one should have an option to bypass security settings.
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    [ROM][Official][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Xiaomi MI2 (aries)

    not working here in 24. using Mi2sc
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    [ROM][Official][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Xiaomi MI2 (aries)

    Worst case I can order one if you know where and depending on where you live in Germany bring it or mail it to you by Deutsche post. I live close to Germany
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    xiaomi phone encryption

    There are some topics on xda. If you Google for "Exchange no pin" you will most likely end up there. I had the same issue on my mi2s and solved it with a patched mail.apk and exchange.apk bypassing the security requirements from my composites exchange server.
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    How many of us will be buying Xiaomi MI4 ?

    Z2 compact or Z3 compact will be my next one. The mi4 is just too big like all other brands. Sry. Bye xiaomi
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    How do you guys feel about this news ?

    I am cool with CM. MIUI isn't an option for me anymore. The only disadvantage in my opinion is the lack of 4G but that is haqrdware and does not hurt enough to buy something else yet. I still think the Mi2s was a good choice to buy and so far it served me well. @ Manohar. afaik you are running...
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    Mi2S - extending size of storage partition

    I guess it is pretty hard to understand what is the reason for your problem. I remember that when I tried to modify my partition table manually that I had some unmount issues as well, but managed to force some unmounts adding an extra command to umount (forgot what one but Google will show you...
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    [ROM][Official][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Xiaomi MI2 (aries)

    I think it is pretty harsh to put it that way. Those people might have other things to do as well. Better be happy they even work on the roms so we do not have to do it ourselves.
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    I bricked my phone, need someone to post fdisk information for me to recover

    Resetting your phone with the shortcut method will repartition your phone as well. This is probably the easiest way as it won't take more than 10 minutes.
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    [SCRIPT] Fix partition table for Android 4.4

    Yes, like more people did including myself. Before applying the script, go into recovery. In there follow the same steps you would do when installing a zip from your sdcard. Only the last step, the actual selection of the zip you are not able to complete as you simply do not have a zip file to...
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    [ROM][Official][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Xiaomi MI2 (aries)

    running latest CWM and 4.4.4 same reboot issues againas with unofficial 11 and with 4.4.3 official 11 copied last_kmsg content after the reboot. so maybe it helps
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    [SCRIPT] Fix partition table for Android 4.4

    Like I said, how easy can it be if you know what the other one means or what to look for. fixed my issue, thanks for your help
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    [SCRIPT] Fix partition table for Android 4.4

    XperianPRO, everything is easy when you know what you are looking for. I had the SD moutning issue when I manually modified the partition tables issue as well in the past so this one triggered my attention. ( running unmodified now as the script didnt work for me ) inside recovery ( CWM) I do...
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    [ROM][KK][4.4][2014-05-18] CyanogenMod 11.0

    ok was staning next to my phone when I got a reboot. so a pretty clean log I guess ( and yes I am still using the unofficial one )