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    [GUIDE] How to install ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro EU
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    Umm 12.5.5 for Redmi Note 9S?

    Running stable on my 9S since 11 days, no issues. Also installed latest stable Magisk 24.3 and AdAway - perfect combination.
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    Experiences with MIUI 12.5.2

    Hallo Horst On my 9S the speed ist identical. But for your information, I never had problems, the device is reacting fast.
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    Google Play system can't update

    The same on my 9s with yesterday's 12.0.4
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    Google Play system can't update

    Just my two cents, this update is pushed automatically by google and applied after next manual reboot. There is no possibility to prevent it. Since Android 11 my 9S always boots twice :-(
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    Lock pattern

    Forget it, no chance to decrypt without pin or pattern.
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    Latest stable version for Curtana

    I use the b5 version from here:
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    Latest stable version for Curtana

    I updated today from 12.0.1 (Android11) and hope this Version is more stable. Now I am on MIUI 12.2 Android Security update is 1.4.2021
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    Latest stable version for Curtana

    This version was an internal build from xiaomi, read here.
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    Latest stable version for Curtana

    I am also desperately waiting for a newer Android 11 version for this device. The actual ROM feels more like a beta than a stable release.
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    MIUI 12 stable global Redmi Note 9s curtana V12.0.1.0.QJWINXM

    Installed version today. There is a problem with the contacts app. When you habe enabled dark mode and search for a contact, the result window has a white background and is unreadable. edit: This bug is already confirmed...
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    Need help: Redmi 9 Pro (Joyeuse) is stuck in Bootloop until it starts TWRP (solved)

    Hallo Bodo. When I understand you right, you updated from the official ROM with the official updater. This forum is about custom ROM which also includes a modified updater.
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    Working SafetyNet for Redmi Note 9S

    Today I received September update for Google Play. SafetyNet with hardware based attestation now is GREEN on my 9S with unlocked bootloader. I have no root, no magisk, just latest firmware 11.0.11 Even McDonalds App is working (this was just a test, I don't need it) And of course I...