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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Software?

    I have both. Shoes are nice, snug fit. No complaints. Scales are something I would recommend over and above the shoes, they're something everyone in your house can use, and it's been really interesting plotting my weight on a daily basis. Does it all automatically, it's pretty nice! Just have...
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    Miui8, 6.6.23 Feedback, Coming From 6.6.18

    I've also noticed that the accelerometer (And possibly compass?) goes completely freaking bonkers at times. What I see mostly is that the camera won't auto-rotate, so you'll hold it in landscape but it won't actually rotate the camera icon to show it being in landscape, so your photos / video...
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    Mac Unlock To Install Eu Version

    It's not too hard, you just need to get adb and fastboot working. Really easy once you have those two installed. Try the script here to have it do it for you:
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    Wifi Signal Strength

    Nope the WiFi on the Mi5 is fantastic. Did speed tests with my flatmates after they were complaining of slow WiFi from the far end of the house. I was getting 70-90mbps where their iPhone 5S and 6 were only getting 20-30mbps testing to WiFi on the Mi5, and this ROM, is absolutely fantastic!
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    Miui8, 6.6.23 Feedback, Coming From 6.6.18

    Not that I've noticed, but I charge mine overnight.
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    Miui8, 6.6.23 Feedback, Coming From 6.6.18

    Confirmed it's labelled wrong. The middle one is the ear-piece, not Hands Free. Options should be: Bluetooth Ear-piece Speakerphone (Hands Free)
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    Miui8, 6.6.23 Feedback, Coming From 6.6.18

    Hi all, Flashed 6.6.23, first thing that I noticed is the bundled TWRP isn't in English. I figured it got to the end of it but then I have two buttons and a "swipe" screen and I'm not sure what they do because it's not English. Secondly, the home button "tap" (Rather than a full press) is now...
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    Keyboard Question

    My apologies, you're right! I had to go in to: Settings -> Additional Settings --> Language and Input --> Current Keyboard --> Choose Keyboards There, I could tick Google Voice Typing However, this REQUIRES the Google app to be installed...
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    MULTI 6.6.16/17/18 - Miui 8

    So manually go in to Permissions and grant them?
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    Keyboard Question

    Yeah I would, but that option isn't there, and in the keyboard settings there is nowhere to enable it. I've got the Google app installed too, but still it doesn't show.
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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Software?

    Once you've been using it for a while, it starts to graph things quite well for you. Sleep patterns etc. If you've got the scales and the running shoes as I do it becomes quite the comprehensive app!
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    Keyboard Question

    I've not seen it since using the Mi5 either, but I know where to enable it coz I've done it on the Xperia Z5 and many other phones. Doesn't seem to be there in either the official Google Keyboard or the AOSP Keyboard, and this has been the same for Miui7 International, Miui7 Chinese, and now...
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    Mitv 55"

    You can order them from **********. If they ship a 70" TV all the way to New Zealand via DHL, I would imagine they ship them to EU too.
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    Xiaomi Portable Wifi

    Don't use the front panel USB ports on your PC, usually they provide less power compared with USB ports in the rear that are directly on the motherboard. For something like this, it's probably enough that it wasn't able to sustain the power to the router.
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    Miwifi Mini Ssh Access

    Follow the instructions here, no need for anything USB: Easy to install, I've flashed about 8 of the Mi WiFi Mini so far using that method to enable telnet and then install openwrt.