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    MIUI 11.1 9.11.7

    I also tried Doesn't work either, "cannot connect". Seems this option doesn't work indeed yet.
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    Mi a2 GPS problem

    I tried it myself on my Mi5S, for me personally it worked perfectly. I now have instant Gps fix.
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    Mi a2 GPS problem

    Hello, Try to replace your gps.conf. It will probably solve this :
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    Push notifications from TypeApp

    Strange, I have Typeapp on my Mi5S and push notifications are working fine. The only thing I've also disabled is the automatic cache cleanup when the phone is idle. Maybe you can still try that.
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    New Date in Calendar widget

    Hello, I completely reinstalled my Mi5S and have installed 9.2.21 on it. Before my reinstall, my calendar widget worked perfectly (I don't remember on which version, but probably 9.2.something). I have a bit of the same problem on this version that widgets (external calendar widget) do not get...
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    How to update my rooted mi6X

    Just download the update file manually, download the latest magisk, reboot in recovery with TWRP, flash the update file and then magisk again.
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    I tried it on my Mi5S. It works now but I had to wait a really long time before my phone was booted the first time (20 min). After this first boot it was impossible to work with (extreme lag), but after a second reboot it was now working fine.
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    New BUG ROM 8.10.11

    I have the same problem, already for a long time with my MI5S, since many roms ago already. I wonder if it is not a hardware issue, I cleaned the cache, formatted the whole device and reinstalled everything already a few times but now and then this error pops up again...
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.15

    Funny thing is that you search for a couple of hours, decide to post your question online and after 10 minutes you find the answer yourself :-) Deleted the old "Chinese" data partition/files. After that the rom happely booted. Thanks all!
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    MIUI 8.2 6.12.15

    Just got my Mi5S. I succesfully unlocked the bootloader, I installed TWRP and then I flashed the ROM from last week. But then I get a bootloop (loading android and then it reboots). I also tried capricorn stable from last week, also a bootloop. Any idea's what I can try next? Thanks!
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    MULTI 6.2.25

    Thanks! It failed again indeed, but I managed to install TWRP via Fastboot. From there I flashed the rom, everything is working fine now :-) Very happy with this rom, no more segfaults compared to the first 6.0 rom!
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    MULTI 6.2.25

    Thanks for the answer! I tried to flash via Mi recovery 2.0.1 ( is under the root) but I get the error "Install failed, Error applying update" :-( Is it safe to flash this update with Mi flash under windows ?
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    MULTI 6.2.25

    Hello, I have a MI3, I'm on 6.1.21 but I'm not running TWRP yet. I'm a bit confused about the "Must read" notice now. I understand I have to upgrade to TWRP, but the updater app doesn't work anymore since I'm on 6.1.21 (no root, so it can't switch to recovery). Flashify also needs root. So I...
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    MULTI 6.1.21

    Woohoo, updated ! I have a few problems though : - When some number calls me, I don't see an incoming call. The caller hears a ringtone, though - I get the message, cannot update Google Play services. Any ideas? (especially about the incoming calls). I already rebooted after installing...
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    MULTI 6.1.21

    Thanks! I was getting worried a bit already :-)