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    New Mi 8 SE Wifi is so slow(not normal)

    Sure that you are downloading via WiFi and not via slow mobile GSM network like EDGE or GPRS? To test switch off mobile connection (Airplane mode) and enable WiFi only. Then check your network speed:
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    Google sees Note 7 as MIX 2S

    That's OK. My Phone is also recognized as "Polaris" aka MiMix 2s. Don't try to change it or you will loose your SafetyNet / Google certification. This signature aka fingerprint is defined in build.prop:<.....> Example...
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    Missing notifications

    Really strange. I suppose it's because you are on Android 9 that is even more degenerated than my Android 8.1...
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    Missing notifications

    So weit, so gut... ;) In 2nd image click on on "Benachrichtigungen" and compare your settings with my screenshot. "Wichtigkeit" should be at least "Hoch". With "Dringend" you'll get additionally popups. ("IncomingMessage.ogg" is the sound file for "Ankommende Nachricht" in your sound menu.)
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    Drivedroid on MIUI10

    Drivedroid works out of the box with my Xiaomi phone and Linux notebook (screenshot). Nice app. Did you try to boot an UEFI BIOS? That's not easy. UEFI is very picky. The boot image must contain signed bootloader and your BIOS settings must allow booting your image. Read the docs first - at...
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    Drivedroid on MIUI10

    From Drivedroid description: Check your kernel for required features. If missing you can try a custom kernel but you are on your own.
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    Missing notifications

    Notifications are broken since Android 8 (Oreo), because Google has introduced an additional "notification layer" on top of all apps. It's no longer possible to use different "per account" notifications with recent version of K-9 mail. But you can enable global notification. Go to Settings->All...
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    Using sd card with memory internal on

    Yes, older Androids have on option to move apps to external scdard thus freeing some internal space. But that doesn't increase internal memory. There is no way to add 64 GB sdcard space to eg. 64 GB internal space to get 128 GB internal memory. BTW. The Link2SD app can move any app to sdcard...
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    Using sd card with memory internal on

    I think that's impossible. Internal memory is part of the hardware and it's not possible to extend or append more memory from outside. And it's also not possible to use a kind of RAID driver to bind different memory drives to a single memory partition. No matter what you've formatted external...
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    New Battery drain by android

    Android has to rebuild system databases after installing new ROM or a factory reset. This process consumes very much energy. If there are lots of data, media files or images rebuilding takes many hours. Therefore wait at least one or two days before you compare battery consumption.
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    [Mi-9;MIUI 10] Spam-SMS

    Simple answer. You get SMS spam because you have an active GMS card. Spammers can check via WhatsApp, Telegram etc. for active mobile numbers. Or spammers get huge blocks of numbers directly from regulatory authorities e.g. the German Bundesnetzagentur...
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    Pocophone Twrp

    No. Never touch a running system - except you like smartphone problems. TWRP is a rare used tool, not a religion and not a status symbol.
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    Pokemon go doesn't work

    Your device is rooted with Magisk,.that's OK if settings are correct. But there is a problem with your device profile (fingerprint?). Looks like user fault. Probably you've manipulated build.prop, flashed wrong ROM, bad Magisk module or something else.
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    Pokemon go doesn't work

    Sounds like your phone didn't pass SafetyNet test. Rooted phone? Look inside your PlayStore app -> Settings -> Google Play certification status. Or check your phone with this app:
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    Reset Album Cover

    The name "album cover" implies that there is a "global" cover for an album and an album consists of more than one song. Mostly an image cover file is used for a complete directory of songs within. Your player treats your playlist like an album. If you want different covers for each song ensure...