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    [MOD] Extended Settings Menu Options

    Very nice tweaks. However, it changed the Language to the main menu back to English. The menu with "Settings/Add Wallpaper/Preview/..." you get when you hit the menu button when in the desktop. The actual settings are in the proper system Language however... EDIT : it also changed the...
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    Où trouver la dernière traduction à jour ?

    Bonjour, J'ai toujours étonné de voir ce forum si peu actif et les mises à jour si peu fréquentes alors que la ROM est quand même traduite. Où se "passe" la traduction en Français ? Je suis disposé à aider... Merci !
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    No music in MIUI Player [HD2]

    I know what the bug is : MIUI Player can only see music folder by folder. If you put them all in a master "Music" folder, you just can't select it, you have to select every folder one by one : IT SUPER SUCKS as the "select folder" menu doesn't even have a "select all" option ! It didn't happen...
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    No music in MIUI Player [HD2]

    If I change the name of the file, the Music Player will see Folders but still nothing in the Artists, Albums list. I still have to select the folders one by one in the Player settings in order to finally see them...which means that I'll have to do that everytime I add new mp3 files. What can I...
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    Why so iPhone-like?

    Well, that's Miui. Take it or leave it. The only thing I would like to see added is the option to sort apps by categories (name, frequency of use, etc.). Sorting everything manually is just too painfull. Other than, it's great...
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    No music in MIUI Player [HD2]

    It's mp3s yes and I already reduced the size limit. Moving it to another folder is an idea though, I will try and report. Thanks !
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    No music in MIUI Player [HD2]

    No one ? I can manage to see the music after a while as I am allowed to add my Music folders in the Music Player settings. But one by one ! The general music folder that I need to select in order to don't have to add every music folder one by one is not selectable; the master Music folder...
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    No music in MIUI Player [HD2]

    Well, it's all in the title : With every HD2 MIUI ROM I try, the stock MIUI Music Player doesn't detect my music. It's all empty and I can't set my Music directory in the app's menu. It's not .nomedia related, there are none left, I deleted them all (and there wasn't in the Music folder...
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    Contacts Details...

    Yes indeed, I also use that feature for people with several phone numbers from several carriers. And Go SMS allows to text multiple numbers from the same contact... Anyway, I'll report that to Thank you and sorry for the sarcasm !
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    Contacts Details...

    Well, that's Android feature, a great one for people who like short and ordered contact lists, sorry I use it. I'll prevent myself from using multitasking, widgets and live wallpaper in the future, I promise...:rolleyes: Thanks for the link anyway.
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    Contacts Details...

    I allow myself to up the thread. I'm running the latest version and still no personalized tag. It's getting ridiculous ! How can I submit this to MIUI devs ?
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    Contacts Details...

    Hello, To my big surprise, I discovered that MIUI doesn't show full details on a contact page. More specifically, it doesn't show "tags" for phone number, such as "Home" "Mobile". It only show an image of a house or a mobile. This is pretty dumb as I use this Google Contacts feature to set...
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    Je suis partant parce que c'est un peu la misère pour la traduction (déjà que la traduction FR en général me parait moins réactive que les autres)...
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    MIUI 1.1.7 French pack & AIO (N1 / Desire)

    Ok je m'en doutais un peu mais merci de me le confirmer ! :)