No music in MIUI Player [HD2]


Dec 18, 2010
Well, it's all in the title :

With every HD2 MIUI ROM I try, the stock MIUI Music Player doesn't detect my music. It's all empty and I can't set my Music directory in the app's menu.

It's not .nomedia related, there are none left, I deleted them all (and there wasn't in the Music folder anyway).
After a while, PlayerPro and the stock file explorer do finally see the files but still not the Miui app. Rebooting doesn't help, running Rescan Media Root either.

If I flash any other CM7/Sense ROMS : no problem.

Any idea ?
No one ?
I can manage to see the music after a while as I am allowed to add my Music folders in the Music Player settings. But one by one ! The general music folder that I need to select in order to don't have to add every music folder one by one is not selectable; the master Music folder containing all the subfolders that is. It's just not there...
Move your music to another folder, and try setting the minimum music size to a lower one in settings. Also, what type of music is it? Mp3?

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It's mp3s yes and I already reduced the size limit. Moving it to another folder is an idea though, I will try and report.

Thanks !
If I change the name of the file, the Music Player will see Folders but still nothing in the Artists, Albums list. I still have to select the folders one by one in the Player settings in order to finally see them...which means that I'll have to do that everytime I add new mp3 files.

What can I do ? Any other player see the files...

EDIT : actually, no more folders now. It's all empty again. I don't understand. If only I was allowed to select the master Music folder...
I know what the bug is : MIUI Player can only see music folder by folder. If you put them all in a master "Music" folder, you just can't select it, you have to select every folder one by one : IT SUPER SUCKS as the "select folder" menu doesn't even have a "select all" option ! It didn't happen it the past and tells me to go back to CM7...