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Dec 18, 2010

To my big surprise, I discovered that MIUI doesn't show full details on a contact page. More specifically, it doesn't show "tags" for phone number, such as "Home" "Mobile". It only show an image of a house or a mobile.
This is pretty dumb as I use this Google Contacts feature to set personalized tags. For example, all of my work colleagues are listed in the same contact with different tags to recognize them. In MIUI, I can't tell who is who ! That literally makes the ROM useless for me.

Is there a setting that I didn't activate ? I couldn't see it for now.

I'm running 13.05 on an HD2...

Thanks !
I allow myself to up the thread.
I'm running the latest version and still no personalized tag. It's getting ridiculous !

How can I submit this to MIUI devs ?
Why not just do it the standard (normal) way and make a separate contact for each contact? Then you can happily group them in a group called "Work"?

Seems to me as if you just want to complain for the sake of complaining. I could be wrong; but still, the question hits me like p****ng in the wind, "Why is he putting multiple contacts into a single contact entry instead of making separate contacts and then grouping them up like people normally do?"

In any case; this is a Chinese developed ROM, you're more than welcome to post any requests you may have at; but I might as well warn you, I don't suspect that they would take this request very seriously as it sounds more like one persons quirk rather than a commonly asked for feature.
Well, that's Android feature, a great one for people who like short and ordered contact lists, sorry I use it. I'll prevent myself from using multitasking, widgets and live wallpaper in the future, I promise...:rolleyes:

Thanks for the link anyway.
It may very well be a feature, and that's fine; but placing multiple contacts into one single entry is not ordered. It's rather sloppy; short to be sure, but sloppy.

If you ever had to mass text your work contacts you'd be S.O.L., because you can not mass text multiple numbers of a single contact entry. Making a contact entry for every single contact and populating each with their respective information is the most ordered, convenient and functional way to maintaining an address book.

Sorry to digress, but it was a valid question I asked. There is no need for your sarcasm.

In any case, as I previously said, you can take your concerns to the original MIUI developers on their own forum and hope that they see a merit in implementing such a feature. The developers here do not have the source code to make such significant changes to the ROM. I greatly appreciate their work which without I could not use such a magnificent ROM, but theirs is the nitty-gritty job of translating and porting a closed source ROM and as such can only provide some level of support for bugs and the occasional feature request to the original Chinese developers whose main concern are their Chinese users. Everyone else (you, me and everyone else on these forums) comes second, if they come in at all.
It may be "one persons quirk rather than a commonly asked for feature" but he's got a point, even if you don't put all your coworkers as the same contact.

For example, I have contacts with 2, 3 or 4 mobile phones so I use custom tags for each (usually the carrier but not exclusively) to figure out which number to call. MIUI is making my life a living hell, how am I supposed to remember which number is which for every contact with more than one mobile phones?
Yes indeed, I also use that feature for people with several phone numbers from several carriers. And Go SMS allows to text multiple numbers from the same contact...

Anyway, I'll report that to

Thank you and sorry for the sarcasm !