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    8.1.25 V2

    is camera 2 API is enabled in stable version?
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    MULTI 6.8.4

    Only problem is that copy otp feature is not there in it.
  3. helloansuman Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    Thanks just flashed on Mi5 and using MIUI 8
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Thanks but it is too old. Any latest link?
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Yes I have unlocked boot loader.
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Is there any fastboot eu rom?
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Bootloop on Mi5. Flashed via twrp. Data clear still bootloop.
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Using for the first time this EU ROM. Hope everything goes well... :)
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    How to change Wifi Auto Connect Password - MIUI 5 (Redmi 1S)

    Take a local backup using miui backup. Then wipe data cache and then try doing what ever u r doing and check. If all goes well then restore data backup.
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    New MIUI default launcher Navigation Problem

    Scroll is not smooth while navigating from one page to other. It bounce back. See the video. Any solution for this problem?
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    Transparent statusbar using third party launcher

    Still not working. The bar is not transparent only color can be changed....
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    Transparent statusbar using third party launcher

    Aplied the status bar. Rebooted also, But not working. Same black color status bar. I am using tencent launcher.
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    MULTI 3.12.6

    Keep on coming...Nice feature this week :)
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    Ported to Spice Mi-535 witout having any bugs

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    Nice features this time...