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    MIUI 12.0 20.5.28

    It would be better if the full screen indicator bar is transparent
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    Can anyone help me with this? Im using a Mi 8 device on global rom ver V10.0.2.0.OEAMIFH. After I flash twrp, my internal storage becomes this (see attach files below), I cannot transfer files to my phone. When I reboot my phone, the recovery comes back to stock miui, so I cant flash custom eu...
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    I get boot loop on my Mi 8, please help!
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    New Google play waiting for network

    I have the same problem. I tried change DHCP to Static, but only one time works, and then I have to change the IP address to another number, then it work one time again
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    New Problem with updating Google play store app via tethering

    I'm using Mi 8 on the latest stable rom I cannot update my google store app via tethering Everything's fine with another WiFi It cannot be done only via tethering
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    New Problem with Google Store's Downloading!

    I'm using my Mi8 on the latest stable builds. I figured a trouble that I can't download anything from Google Store over wifi connection. It still downloads normally on mobile connection. And I still can download files through browser app on wifi connection.
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    Yeap I'm trying this method and hope it help :)
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    I flashed the newest ROM with newest twrp and now my phone become a brick :(
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    I tried again and touch screen is still not working, tried with lower ver of twrp but it's the same. RIP my phone :(
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    I tried several times and it's still not working
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    I installed twrp 3.2.3 and wiped system, then get error when flash the Rom (can't remember exactly the error)! Now my phone cannot boot to system and touch screen is not working when boot to recovery. Please help me!
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    Cannot change the carrier name, plz fix it. I'm using a Mi5S device
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    MIUI 8.2 7.1.19/20

    Is there any stable Rom for Mi 5s?
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    MULTI 6.5.19

    When we have Miui 8 rom for Mi4?
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    MULTI 6.1.28/29/2.4

    When Cancro Marshmallow Rom has root access?