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    Downgrade Back To Muiu 8.5

    I ended up flashing stock and eventually had the last version of the official one. Was ok, except full of Chinese bloatware, but the apps I was having problems with did work, so the full wipe and restore, did sort out the main issue I was having. So, from there, after lots of grunting and...
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    Downgrade Back To Muiu 8.5

    Hi, I'm on the latest and last MIUI 9 rom but having all sorts of issues, I want to do a full and complete downgrade back to 8.5 stable... which I can, but the issues persist. Is there more to it than just flashing via recovery? Done a full reset / wipe, but still not right. Did MIUI 9 and...
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    New Facebook Messenger

    Just to add, when I drop back to MIUI 8.5 stable, which is Android 5.1.1 I think, the problem persists... has MUIU 9 and Android 7 changed the file system or something? How can I fully drop back a version to get this working? Any help, anybody? Please!!
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    New Facebook Messenger

    Hi, I have not been able to run FB messenger on any of the MIUI 9 ROMs at all, even after clean installation. The crash report is below in the hope that somebody can help or at least offer a clue as to what the issue is. I do need to run this unfortunately within my daily driver. The Lite...
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    Not sure what Play Services is doing, nothing new at my end... the previous ROM was fine... something stuck somewhere. I'd love to ditch the FB apps, but that's not possible unfortunately for one reason or another...
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    MIUI 9.1 7.11.2

    Mi Note Pro - Google Play Services is burning my battery down!!!! And Facebook Messenger still doesn't work....
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    MIUI 9 7.10.26

    Loving this ROM on Note Pro, fantastic work team. BUT.... I've got a couple of apps that FC upon launch and cannot be used, one of which is Facebook Messenger, which unfortunately is quite important to me. I've done the full reset and wipe, and it's made no difference, also happened on last...
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    Twrp - Only Works For Me...

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately the problem remains. Following that link, I can flash to 6.12.22 as per the first part of the instructions. Bootloader remains unlocked. I have successfully flashed both twrp_leo and twrp_leo_7.0 but cannot then boot into either one of them. And so cannot...
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    Twrp - Only Works For Me...

    Note Pro (Leo), as per the title. I have tried all the other ones that are floating around in the threads to try and flash a later ROM, but I cannot get the phone to boot in to any version of TWRP other than Which means I am stuck on stable. Cannot flash anything later than...
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    Miui 8 Rom's - Very Very Slow To Charge Battery

    Hello folks, As per the title, with recent weekly ROMS, and I think probably most if not all of the MIUI 8 ones, I don't seem to be able to fast charge anymore. In fact, charging is very very slow. Not so much a problem if I switch the phone off, but certainly when on, it's very indifferent...
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    MIUI 8.3 7.4.13/14

    How is battery life on Note Pro with this one?
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    Which Recovery?

    Hi All, I want to try the new 7.2.x rom, I'm can't seem to find a definitive answer as to which recovery I should use? Can somebody please clarify? My phone is a Leo (Note Pro). Thanks :)
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    MIUI 8.3 7.2.23/24

    Hi all, To go to the new Android 7 rom on a Leo (Mi Note Pro), which TWRP should I be using? Thanks
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    MULTI 6.7.14/15

    Hi guys, and thanks team for all your hard work. I'm still on the last MIUI 7 - is this stable and mature enough now to switch to and use as my regular phone and rom? I will have to wipe and reload everything I guess, which is fine, I don't want to do that if there are still a lot of bugs. Thanks