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    Themes not applying properly (Gingerbread)

    So what you are saying is that all the images that don't change will have to be redone? I can't see how when they are the same images? They just don't apply.
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    Themes not applying properly (Gingerbread)

    Anyone else having trouble applying themes with the latest build? And before you ask, no, I am not trying to apply an older Froyo theme, it's new ones. particularly the
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    Force closig issues with gb miui

    Do you have a theme installed? i get settings FC when I apply a theme (a new one, not an old Froyo one)
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    Speed Dial

    Any chance of requesting a Speed Dial feature for the Miui Dialer? I'm amazed it doesn't have one. It's the only reason I've never used it. (I use DialerOne instead) I'd request it directly if I could speak Chinese ;-)
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    [Theme]BUUF MIUI_Au_k0tt0n

    [Theme]BUUF MIUI_Au_k0tt0n This is an extension of the excellent BUUF theme by Snaffles Note: 1.Battery circle stays blue and only changes while charging. Change battery notification indicator style...
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    Changing your fonts [ How to ]

    Yes post it please!
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    Wifi Battery Usage

    I've had this wifi usage battery drain since version 11.19 Seems that wifi doesn't turn off when set to "When screen turns off" I lose up to 40% overnight.
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    transparent launch bar background

    excellent. you recon you could do me a blue one to go with my theme?
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    Changing the color of the progress bars.

    thanks mate
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    Changing the color of the progress bars.

    There are no png's with any orange in my framework or launcher. That's what leads me to believe it's in an xml file
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    Changing the color of the progress bars.

    I've themed my MIUI ROM to my liking, changing all the orange to blue, but I cannot find where to change the colour of the progress bars (like when a web page is loading, or I'm downloading an app from the market) I'm assuming it is somewhere in an .xml file?