[Theme]BUUF MIUI_Au_k0tt0n

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  1. kotton


    Nov 13, 2010
    [Theme]BUUF MIUI_Au_k0tt0n

    This is an extension of the excellent BUUF theme by Snaffles

    Note: 1.Battery circle stays blue and only changes while charging. Change battery notification indicator style to 'Percentage'
    2.Clock is BUUF clock from Beautiful Widgets

    Based on the framework of S-Murphy's MIUI_Au Mod v. 0.12.31 R2 for HTC Desire http://www.miui-au.com/

    Changes by me:

    *Changed Fonts
    *Themed Contacts
    *Changed stock MIUI orange to a more suitable colours
    *Changed most 9.PNG image to more suitable colours
    *Changed a few icons
    *Custom Shortcut icon
    *Custom Status Bar Icons
    *Added Transparent Lockscreen Bar
    *Removed themed Market
    *Removed Lockscreen wallpaper


    This is my personal theme that I thought I'd share. I have only tested this on MIUI version 0.12.31, but it should be fine on others. I've had no FC or other problems. It takes a few minutes to apply, so be patient. I've found if you keep the screen awake when it's applying, it's faster. You will need to reboot!

    BUUF MIUI_Au_k0tt0n v1.0 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0Y9IELJG

    Feedback welcomed.

  2. free4c


    Great additions to the buuf theme - loving the font change

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