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    HTC Incredible S - 3.5.24 (Stuck at HTC Logo) I am going back to 3.5.17
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    Omg! Thank you to all that worked on this new ROM! I gave MIUI another try another so long and just one single flash and the ROM just loaded properly! :) Thank you! Time to play with my old phone.
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    It's been almost half a year and the only last version that boots correctly is
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    No offense, so I guess the officially supported device like the HTC Incredible S, won't boot and mobile data does not work after a fresh flash is to be ignored too?
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    I used boot.img from ARHD 4.0
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    I still can't boot my Incredible S after flashing, since the first ICS version until now without manually flash the boot.img from another ROM. I am totally speechless.
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    I really hope that I do not need to manually replace boot.img every single time when there is a new ROM on every Friday but it seems that is not the case ever since the release of ICS. I never had such issue during GB times.
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    Downloading :) Hopefully everything works for the Incredible S out of the box :) Thank you.
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    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.31 Changelog

    I am really tired of deleting boot.img from the ROM and add Nik's Project X v4.1 boot.img to MIUI ROM to make it boot and the 2 files for data. Can't that be fixed? Every ROM since MIUI v4 have to be done that way else it won't boot and data won't work!
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    MULTI MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.8.17 [ICS & JB]

    So no international keyboard except for english?
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    New Incredible S - Bugs in 2.8.24

    1. It is impossible to turn off Vibrate when typing. I have turned it off by sliding it to 0 hit the back button and hit on Text Input again and it stays on. 2. ROM will never boot until I replace boot.img from Nik's Project X ROM. 3. Data will never turn on until I replace and...
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    MULTI MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.8.17 [ICS & JB]

    By flashing this language pack, will I have other international keyboard? As currently I only have English.
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    MULTI MIUI Multi-Lang ROM 2.8.10 [ICS]

    If I flash the Chinese language, does it means I will have Chinese input too?
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    New 2.8.3 - HTC Incredible S [WiFi Issue]

    Hi Team, I would like to report that the WiFi does not turn on in 2.8.3 for HTC Incredible S. So far, that the only thing I found out which is not working.
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    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Okay :)