New Incredible S - Bugs in 2.8.24


Mar 5, 2012
1. It is impossible to turn off Vibrate when typing. I have turned it off by sliding it to 0 hit the back button and hit on Text Input again and it stays on.
2. ROM will never boot until I replace boot.img from Nik's Project X ROM.
3. Data will never turn on until I replace and from Nik's Project X ROM.


Aug 24, 2012
I would like to back up your bug report on Incredible S, on this revision (as per title) and also still present on the latest '31' revision...

1) I haven't tried that myself, so have no comment.
2) As you said, I always have to flash a boot.img from another ROM (I also use Nik's Project X from XDA) for the MIUI ROM to be able to boot up. I get boot-loop issue when I use the supplied MIUI boot.img.
3) And I also have to do the fix to replace the two '.so' files to get my mobile data service working (instructions on XDA). Again, I use the '.so' files from Nik's Project X ROM.

I'd like to add another couple of points too:

4) Commonly reported - Mobile location service does not work - apps (such as weather, for example) are not able to locate where I am unless I am outside and I'm visible to GPS. The location service does not work off of mobile network location (indoors), like it done on HTC Sense ROM before I moved to MIUI.

5) Facebook integration into the main phone contacts list - I like the way HTC Sense contacts list ('people') used to merge Facebook into the main list, and contact's profile photos would automatically update from Facebook. I try to activate this from the settings in the Facebook app, but they don't appear in my contacts list on MIUI. Is this possible on MIUI?

6) Ringtones, Alarms & Notifications - While setting tones for ringtones, alarms and notifications, MIUI defaults to the ROM System location only, it doesn't seem to look at the SD card media locations (sdcard/media/audio/ringtones - /notifications - /alarms, or sdcard/ringtones - /alarms - /notifications) and include these by category in the initial 'System Resources' list, they get included in with all of the other media files when you select 'Others' and browse the complete list.
Please advise if the SD card MIUI folder can contain a media structure similar to above for this to work, if so, what is the structure?

I like the ROM in general, just a couple of niggles as mentioned.

Thank you.


Mar 24, 2012
Thank you guys..
thank to your post i can turn on data
thank you very much