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    step counter - pedometer

    Hi! Am I the only one still using Mi5? I'm now on Miui 11 and it's still almost perfect... roughly when I switched to miui10 I noticed that the step counter didn't work anymore, and still not working after having installed miui11. Anything ca be done to restore it? I don't want to restore to...
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    call recorder redmi note 8 pro

    Hi, I was about to buy note 8 pro in Italy, but I've just read someone complaining that call recording feature has been disabled due to "privacy reasons". I was wondering if, with custom roms found here, call recording is available Thanks!
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    GPS stops working when charging

    It seems I'm not the only one: and I saw some information about it reported on XDA two years ago. Someone points the finger to the quick charge capability of the usb charger (don't have a normal one to try), other ones says it's MIUI economy profile...
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    GPS stops working when charging

    Hello, I've 9.5.10 stable on my mi5 3/32. Saw there is a 9.5.20 here ready to be downloaded, but my updater on the phone doesn't find it, maybe it's because either 9.5.10 and 9.5.20 are marked as NAACNFA? Anyway I believe this stable is great, and I don't feek the need to switch to Oreo... I...
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    Disable Sms At Sim Change

    Hi! I've got a Mi5 with latest stable I would like (for a short period of time) to avoid that an SMS is sent when I change SIM: I have some credit to use on 3-4 SIMs I own and the plans does not include text messages, so it would be a waste of money. Here are my questions: 1) How can...
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    Alarm Clock Translation

    Hi, I'm using latest stable with Italian language, I think there is probably an error in translation. When the morning alarm clock starts, and I disable it, I can see weather condition, and at the bottom of the screen three things: wake up time, a percentage in the middle, and day count. What...
  7. S Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    I was worried I needed a new batter... now I'm at my third recharge, after letting the phone discharge completely and it seems to go a bit better. Thank you!
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    Disable Sms At Sim Change

    I checked my Mi account and found nothing about it, I'll see next time I change SIM... thank you for your reply ;-)
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    Disable Sms At Sim Change

    Hi, I currently use 2 sims in my Mi5, a few months ago I changed provider and, when I inserted the new sim, an SMS was sent from it. I understand it's a safety system and I guess it checks for the ICCID of the sim before sending the SMS. I'm going to change operator again in a few weeks (and the...
  10. S Multilang Rom For Xiaomi Mi5 (unlocked Bl Only!) Released!

    Hello! Installed latest stable 9.2.1, has anyone noticed a massive battery drain? Yesterday it went from 20% to 10% in a few minutes! Furthermore I noticed a small notification issue, something like %s space of trash to be deleted (I'm translating from Italian)... not a big deal, however
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    Hello! I'm a newbie... about that camera 2 api not working, does it change something when making video calls with skype or whatsapp? It's now possible to force 2G on SIM 2?
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    MIUI 9 7.10.12/13/14

    Hello! Any update on a release date for a new Stable for Mi5? Thanks!!
  13. S Stable V8.5.3.0.naacned

    hello! Any news about the next Stable? is MI5 going to be discontinued, as last one was in August? About that, I still have the Stable from June, and many times during the day when I am surfing or downloading mail the up/download meter falls to 0.00-0.15kB/s for a couple of minutes and there is...
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    Problem Copying Files Using Cable

    Thank you, I'll try it! That means that everyone has this problem and it's not only me, isn't it?
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    Problem Copying Files Using Cable

    Hello! When I try copying files using MTP communication, after few files copied I receive an error message that states something like "a device connected to the system is not working" (translated from Italian). What can I do to solve this problem? I've tried to update firmware many times, and on...