android 13

  1. L

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G: Miui 14 Android 13,

    I would love to get the latest released version of Miui 14 for this device, but made by the developers at Would I be willing to pay for this definitive version? For sure I would appreciate it if possible, as the Parthenon only mentions Hyperion
  2. GregoH7

    New Google Maps stuttering in Android Auto

    Hey! I'm having an issue with Google Maps when connected to Android Auto. It runs smoothly in the map mode with no route navigation active, but during the navigation application begins to stutter and the picture doesn't seem smooth at all, like it is running in 5-10 FPS. Tested on: 1) Xiaomi 12...
  3. V

    Lockscreen notification

    Hello. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G with ( and when I turn on lockscreen notifications, they just dont show. Even in the notification tray there are no notifications until.I unlock my phone. Does anybody know how to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  4. V

    TWRP Disabeling wireless interface.

    Hi. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G stable rom. When i tried to flash the unofficial veux/peux TWRP it made my wireless interfaces not working (WIFI, cellular data, bluetooth etc.) Does anyone know why this happened? Thanks is advance.
  5. H

    Can I update using Fastboot without losing data and installed apps?

    I want to update the room based on MIUI 14 and Android 13 through Fastboot on a Xiaomi 12S Ultra with unlocked bootloader but without losing data or apps
  6. A

    Music controls missing in notification shade and lock screen

    Hello everyone. Since I updated my Xiaomi 12 Pro to Android 13 (MIUI version: Global 13.2.4 Stable), I have issues with my music apps - I use Spotify and SoundCloud and they both stopped showing pause/play, previous and next song buttons in notification shade and lock screen (as can be seen in...
  7. M

    Android 13 recovery support

    Hello guys, can I ask which recovery for POCO M3 does support android 13. sorry for my bad english.