android 7

  1. LaurentiuCTN

    Miui - New Features Implementation

    Dear developers, Can you implement some of the these cool features like: - Ambient Display - Raise to Wake (like in iOS) and Ressurection Remix. - Audio Profiles - automatic actions by different triggers (not just these 3 ones present in MIUI9) Thank you!!
  2. Cadomura

    Miui 9 Or Android 7 On Mi5s 128gb/4gb With Stable Global

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and I'm an total noob in software modding or flashing ( only on Android phones :) ) and I got my Xiaomi Mi5S with 128GB/4GB and I'm on MIUI Global 8.5 | Stable I'd like to know how I can update at least to Android 7 with MIUI 8 or maybe (if it's...
  3. isthevene

    Which Is Best Rom?

    Hi everybody :) my girlfriend has a mi4s and she was annoyed by the GPS that wasn't working so I decided to change rom... And here became the problems: battery drain, android.process.acore errors, WhatsApp/telegram not working in background, GPS still not working... I've tried 4 different roms...
  4. P

    Wifi Problems! Help

    Hey, so recently I decided to update from 5.1.1 to android 7. It was very stressful process and it took me a long time to do it because I am real noob in mobile things. so I updated to MIUI 8.3. everything looked fine but then I noticed that my Wifi keeps on disconnecting like every 15 seconds...
  5. I

    Android 7 From Stable To Dev

    Good day to all! after few weeks with stable and its bugs i cant keep on with it. my only hope is to go to dev version since i dont want to degrade to android 5.1. my bootloader is unlocked and twrp for android 7 installed. my question is do i need to do a full wipe or dalvik/cache is...
  6. rusty78

    Mi5 And Samsung Gear S2

    Hello, i have a question. I have MI5 64GB Black Edition with Android 7.0 v. 7.2.16, MIUI 8.3 by I was using my smartwach Samsung GEAR S2 for a long time with Android 6, without problems. After installing the new version of software, i am not able to connect with my smartwach - when i...
  7. S

    Chances To See The Mipad 2 Running Android 7?

    What are the chances that the MiPad 2 receives an update to Android Nougat (7.x)? At that time it's still running on 5.1... Regards Stefan
  8. Alcatronic

    New Mi4s 7.2.9 Nougat Wifi Mac Address Resets After Every Restart

    Hey guys, on my wife's mi4s, since I installed Nougat the WiFi Mac Address resets every time her phone restarts. Please help! Thanks, Hendrik
  9. Mark Smith

    Android 7 For The Redmi Pro?

    Hi, I was trying to find out whether or not Android 7 will be coming to the Redmi Pro officially, but I found sites that said it will come as well as some who says it won't. So I was wondering if you guys have any info on this. Thank you in advance! :)
  10. MiQuenDroid

    Android 7 Mi4c Battery Issues

    Hello, I upgraded my Mi4c to MIUI 7.2.9, but I have some battery issues. I must wait the next week or I can redownload and reflash the ROM ? Thanks :)
  11. A

    Miui 6.12.22 Mi5

    hello guys I've bought a new mi5 and it came with a vendor rom, i have the deep flash cable so unlocking the bootloader isn't a problem. I want to flash rom running on android 7, but i got confused on the steps to follow. can someone please tell me what should i do step by step?
  12. Whisky NotePro

    Mi Note Pro Android 7 By Mr. Ivan Released

    So I've found it here: I want to try, but someone else maybe already tried, some opinions?
  13. wolfanger

    Unoffy Cm14 Android Nougat For Mi 4c

    Here the source: