android 8

  1. Banjer71

    Adroid update is possible or not?

    Hi I have a Redmi 4 prime or maybe redmi 4 (in setting it only shows redmi 4 as model number, and I never really understand what the exact model i got) Rom MIUI Global stable (MBEMIXM) Adroid version 6.0.1 MMB29M CPU Octa-core Max 2.02GHZ Ram 3.00 GB I would like to know if I can...
  2. S

    New Mi6 Miui 9 | 8.3.1 | Bankapp Problems

    Hello, I really appreciate the weekly updates for my Mi6. Almost everything works fine, but i have a problem with my bankapp. I'm using the RegioBank App from the Dutch RegioBank. But since the update to Android 8 (8.1.) it doesn't work anymore. At the moment i use the 8.3.1 firmware. The...
  3. alfredk_

    Android Nougat Vs Android Oreo On Xiaomi Mi A1: Performance, Battery Test, And Speed Test

    I was really excited to have been able to be one of the first to have the Oreo update of the Stock Android OS. It promised many improvements for the devices able to download it, and I just couldn’t wait to put the Nougat and Oreo to the test and see if Google lived up to its promises. Here's a...
  4. W

    Battery Lineage 15 Android 8

    Anyone who is already tested on this rom, can you tell me how much screen time can you get on it? What if the camera app is working? I wanted to test her but I want a comment from someone first, why I will have to install everything again kkkk
  5. Cadomura

    Miui 9 Or Android 7 On Mi5s 128gb/4gb With Stable Global

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and I'm an total noob in software modding or flashing ( only on Android phones :) ) and I got my Xiaomi Mi5S with 128GB/4GB and I'm on MIUI Global 8.5 | Stable I'd like to know how I can update at least to Android 7 with MIUI 8 or maybe (if it's...