connection issue

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    New apks don't work (internet connection error)

    so when i download an apk from out of the playstore it doesn't work and i get an internet connection error, im not talking about a specific apk, all apks doesn't work. examples: Facebook, messenger, snaptube and its official apks not cracks
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    New WiFi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, only rebooting will solve the issue and only once

    Whenever I turn my WiFi off and turn it back on, or connect to a mobile hotspot, my WiFi will connect successful for a split second and disconnect, then reconnect successful for a split second etc... The only solution is to reboot the phone every time I want to use WiFi, it'll only fix it...
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    Network Problem = Sudden Drop

    Please Help/ I have Xiaomi mi 9 I live in Georgia and there are 2 operators Magti and Geocell. on Geocell everything works perfectly fine but on Magti: = When I enable mobile data, during use suddenly antenna icon becomes grey I lose connection and it reconnects automatically within couple...
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    Connection Issue

    Hello guys, I would like to ask your help in the following frustrating issue: I have a Mija Home with a 360 Camera, 3x Mi Smart Plugs (Wifi) (and 7 sensors). Yesterday there was a power outage meanwhile I was working and I experienced that 2 of 3 plugs are offline, 1 was working as it used to...