1. P

    Mi 11 Ultra Fingerprint not Working after Display Repair

    Hello there! I've seen a similar post but it didn't help me with my problem. I broke my Mi11 Ultra the first week I got it, so I bought a replacement screen from ********** (since Xiaomi Support Germany didn't want to sell me one for my Chinese Mi 11...). It was a screen unit with frame and...
  2. M

    New Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Second Display Turn on

    since my update to MIUI 13 the second screen is on on my Mi 11 Ultra even though it is turned off, I could see it in the morning when my alarm clock rings. I can't say if that has anything to do with it. In any case, I definitely turned off the second screen in my settings, but it still comes...
  3. J

    Annoying black fade at bottom of screen

    Hi there, I've attached a picture. Does anyone know how to get rid of this annoying black fade effect that all of a sudden appeared at the bottom of my screen? I'm on a poco f2 pro. Regards!
  4. J

    New AMOLED display fail after MIUI 12 update [MI 9 Lite / MI CC9 ]

    Hi guys, Yesterday I installed MIUI 12.0.3 Global (QFCEUXM) on my MI 9 Lite after a manual search in settings with OTA. The update went well, the display was fine but after half an hour it turns into a purple-green colorless screen. The phone was not dropped or damaged at all, ever. The...
  5. masc147

    mi 10 pro (cmi) touchscreen doesnt work in bottem quarter

    Last week I was hiking in hard rain, got really wet. After arriving at the target my phone started to mailfunction, first the display. I shut it down, waited a night. On the next day the display worked fine, but in the bottem quarter (at the height of the fingersensor) the touchscreen has...
  6. GuseppiGuliano

    Suggest Me a Replacement LCD Screen for a Mi Mix 2

    Hi there all! I hope you all are fine and doing well amidst the crisis... So I broke my LCD screen and then I jumped on the @liexpres train to order a new replacement LCD... It came, I installed, and to my utmost surprise, MIUI's Reading Mode woulnd't work anymore... At the time, I was of...
  7. dennis0302

    Resolved Rounded Corners

    There's an issue regarding the rounded corners of latest beta (and also the last few releases) like the bottom corners are not rounded and top corners are pixelated. I think there was an overlay before. Right now I'm using an rounded corners app to cover up the issue. My phone is Mi MIX 2S and...
  8. N

    Display Mod in Xiaomi EU Rom

    Ist there a was to use an increased Hz Mod on the Mi9T with current MIUI 11? For me flashing the dtbo File from XDA doesn't work... I would really like to try this out.
  9. F

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 screen replacement

    Hi all, I have a Redmi Note 7 buyed by internet. I'm form Portugal and I buy the mobile from Camboja/China, Global Version. Now I broke the screen and I need to replace it. I already goes to the xiaomi official store here but they don't repair it because of it being not european - she says the...
  10. kännykkä

    Mi Pad 4 ghost touches

    Having some ghost touches when opening the device. They usually disappear after a while. Anyone else having this problem and are there any fixes? Using MIUI 10 global 9.3.28
  11. Daniele Dellafiore

    Xiaomi Mi Notebook And Usb Type-c Video

    Hi. I've connected the USB Type-C to an external monitor DisplayPort IN with a cable "CHOETECH USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz) - USB 3.1 Type C (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible)" The effect is that the OS can see the display connected, right display, right resolution. But sends no signal. Also...
  12. Rasul

    Flickering Screen

    Hi guys, hope you're doing fine. A few weeks ago I flashed MIUI 8.3 (by xiaomi.eu, v7.3.9 beta) on my Redmi Pro. Today i noticed that my screen is flickering. I don't know how do describe it exactly, but it looks like those neon light advertisements where a sign is repeatedly turned on and off...
  13. Jamod

    Usb C To Hdmi Adapter/connection

    hey folks, I want to use my mi5s with different emulators and bluetooth gamepad on screen. with the wireless connection there is a delay, because of that I would like to use an adapter. Does anyone knows what type of hdmi adapter works? There are so many different options.. and do I need any...
  14. T

    Mi4s Can't Display Arabic Characters

    hello , I just got my new MI4S at my surpirse ,, it can't display arabic characters , in keyboard website apps .... is there a solution / please help.
  15. R

    [solved]changed Screen: White Display In Android

    Hi! [SOLVED] The replacement screen it's not original. It works ok, but if i change the Saturation/Color settings to warm or cold, the new screen doesn't suport it. I was able to reset the image setting doing a data wipe( i lost all my apps...., but at least not the data). [SOLVED] I have just...
  16. R

    Mi4s Display Problems?

    Hey guys, I ordered one Mi4S via *********** 2 weeks ago, and even tho the phone itself is really great (64 GB instead of 32 GB, nice finger print sensor and I love the SD Card Option - compared to my old Mi4C)... I'm really more than disappointed with the display. Here is a video that shows...