1. GregSmack

    What's happening to my mi 11 ultra??

    After some repairs at a local repair shop (my mi 11ultra had a water damage) they managed to fix it and it worked for a few weeks. (They had to open it several times because dust was on the vamera lens). But regardless it worked fine. But yesterday it just freezes the screen, turns of and wont...
  2. S

    [HELP] Updating Poco F3 freezes mid update

    So it started flashing this uefisecapp_a thing and then decided not to, and is frozen/stuck there. Is it safe to close and restart? do I wait? what do I do? Any help is greatly appreciated (it's been "sending" for the past few minutes)
  3. Q

    Phone does not react when charged to 100 %

    Hello, I have Mi 9 SE and recently I have encountered quite annoying issue. Once I charge the phone to more than 95 %, the phone stops to react for wake up with power button and double tap to wake as well, it just freezes. However the phone is not completelly freezed cause once I connect the...
  4. HerrJohnssen

    New K30 pro Miui Control center bug

    Every time I open the control center it freezes (only when Android R easter egg is anabled) and I have to restart my phone.
  5. R

    New [Miui12] Phone Force Restarts when closing the chathead of messenger

    As the title says... My phone freezes for about 1~2 mins after closing(dragging down) the chathead of the messenger and it force reboots... I have been encountering this issue for almost 3 months and I'm on the latest version of miui 12 EU, but the issue still persists. It is very concerning...
  6. M

    Invalid Summoners war

    Hello, i'm on Android 10 with my k20 pro. Summoners war is not smooth. Can you help me? I think it's cause of sound effect.
  7. D

    Invalid [FIXED] Mi 9T stuck camera issue

    The user mlvnslc (from the forums) has found a workaround for this issue: enabling location access to the camera app fixes this problem. You can do that following these steps: Settings → Manage apps → Camera → App permissions → Location (enable the switch). I hope Xiaomi can fix this...
  8. X

    New Redmi 4x - 8.1.11 V2 - Android Auto Freeze When Conected To Car

    I bought car with support to Android Auto. However i have problem to use it with my 2 phones with MIUI (Redmi 4A and 4X). Everything is connecting without any problem (navigation, spotify , sms notification), however after any call , whole system (on car screen) is freezing and working very...
  9. vinothManikkam

    Need Help Reg Xposed Module .. And Manual Focus In Camera

    1.Yester day i flash Miui8 6.9.22 global dev from this site , eveything works great . after flash xposed face many laging , some freezing and some time random reboots .. and also process not responding error first am tell what moules are am enable 1.flat style bar 2.flatstyle keyboard 3.miui...
  10. A

    New Freezes After Changing Theme

    RedMi Note 2 16 Gb, MIUI v. 6.9.8 weekly Freezes after changing theme. I press apply, interface changes and near the 2-3 minutes it's freezes when I try to unlock phone. It freezes on second or third locking-unlocking. Disabling lock screen via developers menu didn't help Bug was in previous...
  11. Vioner

    Huge Lags / Unresponsiveness On Miui 8 6.8.18

    hi, Does any of you have those huge lags/unresponsiveness problem on your Remi 3/Pro I'm using build 6.8.18 I posted a video on YT, but I can't put links in here until I have 10 posts, so please if you can - see it after searching: "MIUI 8 by 6.8.18 Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro lag...
  12. C

    New Mi5 Periodically Freezing And Rebooting

    I just bought an Mi5 (64 gb version) and updated to the latest ROM ( problem is that it is periodically freezing and rebooting. The issue occurs randomly every couple of minutes when I'm using the phone. When I'm not using it, it does not reboot. An observation I've made is that it's...