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    Resolved Xiaomi 12 Pro Various Problems - (V13.0.23.0.SLBCNXM_v13-12-fastboot)

    Hello there, this is one of my first posts in this forum, so please bear with me. I tried to find some "newbie sticky post" but couldn't see anything, so if I did something wrong, just tell me in a polite way. ;-) First of all, thank you VERY much to all of you who make these ROMs a...
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    New Help! Android Auto assistant voice commands not working.

    Hi everyone, My Android Auto Assistant replies with "not sure how to help with..." to the great majority of my voice commands. Yet, Google Assistant works flawlessly on my phone and will answer everything. I've already written a post on r/AndroidAuto -- but no one knows what's causing this...
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    Mi 10t lite - MIUI 12.5 - Google assistant problem

    Hi, Just updated from LOS to MIUI 12.5 running android 11. When I'm trying to turn on the Google Assistant "Hey google" recognition, it automatically turns off. -There's no autostart option for Google app -There's no Google Assistant independent app -Tried uninstalling and re-installing Google...
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    New [20.7.16] [Mi 9] - Ok Google doesn't work

    The option itself is available, it records voice samples, but when pronouncing a phrase, Google does not react to it in any way. The following actions were reproduced: - reboot device - reset google app data - installation of full firmware archive
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    Invalid Mi 6 9.5.16 Beta Google Assistant Problem

    1- Okey Google not workink. 2- settings - additional settings - button and move shortcuts - I value the home key long press but it does not work for Google Assistant.
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    [SOLVED] Ok google doesn't work

    I'm on beta rom. Ok google doesn't work. Any solution? There are many thread online but I don't know if it is only a problem or miui in general or this phone. I also have a redmi 3pro and 4x, both working fine (both global stable)
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    New [mi5s] Google Assistant Always Opens After Unlocking

    Hello, I have google Assistant on long press homebutton. Every time i unlock with fingerprint it opens Google Assistant. I have this issue since 3-4 versions. Anyone hase a solution except remove Google Assistant from long press homebutton?