1. C

    Google pay

    Hello, I encountered a problem that Google pay It started giving an error, the latest module from, Tell everyone like this
  2. Diavits

    Gpay don't work anymore 14 ultra CN

    Hi guys I've been using Aurora on my 14 ultra (Chinese device) and it's been working perfect. Including gpay and android auto. Yesterday I installed the last version of Aurora and when today I tried to pay with gpay I've got a message saying that my phone doesn't meet the security...
  3. O

    Xiaomi Mi10 V14.0.4.0.TJBCNXM_v14-13 GPay fail security requirement and TWRP won't decrypt

    Hi. A week ago on Xiaomi Mi10 V14.0.2.0.TJBCNXM i got in GPay fail security requirement state. And recently updated (via PC, not fresh installed) to recent stable version V14.0.4.0.TJBCNXM, but GPay still has fail security requirement state. Also having official TWRP version...
  4. S

    Chinese Hardware questions for 5G band +GPay

    Hi guys, I have a CN version 13 Ultra and I live in the U.S. right now using T-Mobile. 1. 5G band I'm unable to use 5G data network here with 13 Ultra, even though the OVERRIDE NETWORK TYPE shows "NR_NSA" on the "phone info" (can be accessed by entering *#*#4636#*#* on the dialer), but 5G (NSA)...
  5. H

    Invalid GPay fail security requirement on 12S Ultra

    On latest fresh installed Stable ROM, GPay fail previously, managed to remedy with clear cache on GPay and Google play service/framework. But after a week security requirement failed again, clearing cache doesn't helps this time round. Device is not rooted, Magisk not installed.
  6. apokorwnas

    Poco X3 NFC Gpay NFC device security problem

    Device: Poco X3 NFC MIUI: v14.0.2.0.SJGMIXM Stable Security update : 2023-06-01 Last working Gpay day was 23/08/2023 without any issue. Yesterday got an error message when i try to use it saying that: the phone does not meet the security requirements Can somebody help me to fix this, if there...
  7. N

    Google pay and Netflix after flashing EU Rom

    Hi all, Would like to know if the Google pay works after installing the EU rom on k30 pro zoom? Will the Netflix has L1 security level? No magisk and no root. Thanks in advance!
  8. S

    New Everything fine - but no way to use GPay on Mi 10 (V12.1.5.0.RJBCNXM)

    Hello together, I've read all the instructions and tried everything, but I just can't find a way to use GPay on my phone for 2 days. Is there no simple working manual for GPay and Android 11 under V12.1.5.0.RJBCNXM? Thanks for tips. Greetings Steffen
  9. Zorthos

    Mi 10 Ultra - Google Pay on 20.9.3

    Hi All, Is there a version that Google Pay works on, or a way of making it work? I've had 20.9.3 Flashed for a couple of weeks and no google pay is driving me a bit mad. I get the "this device does not meet our security standards" I have updated all my Certificates and no other errors are...
  10. A

    Gpay on unlocked bootloader mi8 / cc9

    I have both phones with the same software - unlocked bootloaders, .eu weekly ROM, TWRP installed. No root or magisk modules installed. On cc9 i am not able to activate wireless payments - my phone is not secured. Contacted support and they said it`s because of the unlocked bootloader. Then i...
  11. SleepyTheDank

    New GPay cannot use in stores anymore.

    Since resetting my phone, installing the global miui 10 rom and flashing the latest weekly in twrp I cannot use GPay in stores anymore.
  12. O

    Google Pay Issue!

    So I have installed the latest weekly version of .eu ROM in my Xiaomi Mi8. I bought it from China and changed the original rom to this one. I have read that China versions of Mi phones don't work with GPay. SafetyNet Test is passing, and I don't have my phone rooted. Whenever I try to add a...