1. J

    Does anyone know any way to put these buttons?

    I've seen that, these buttons are in the Chinese ROM but I don't want to change to that Chinese ROM, I'd like to know how to put this... (see the image)
  2. D


    Where i can find supermoon? I have a 12t pro and i can't find It on my filters
  3. V

    Messenger bubbles HELP

    So Im having problems with messenger on my Xiaomi 11 ultra, miui 14. Same problem on miui13. The bubbles stops working if I shut down the app. Instead Im getting squares and no menu just a + where I can´t do anything. Even the setting for the bubbles in the messenger app changes. I´ve tried...
  4. V

    How to change the version miui Xiaomi 12

    I am new to this but I would like you to help me change EU global rom for Xiaomi.eu. Could you send me a complete tutorial, if it is in Spanish much better. Thank you so much .
  5. Vicuel

    New redmi note 11 sound very low from bluetooth headset

    I installed the 13.5 and 13.6 versions yesterday, but the sound of the Bluetooth headphones is very low in both versions, and my voice is low when talking on the phone, does anyone know the solution?
  6. J

    My redmi note 9 phone is bricked

    Hello, as specified in the title, my redmi note 9 phone has been bricked for the better part of a day now. It's stuck and looping in the fastboot menu, but the logo is completely orange instead of the android that I see on peoples' videos attempting to resolve issues. Holding power and volume up...
  7. S

    Invalid Mi cloud Gallery not working

    Hello, sadly, my poco x3 pro got totaled today and isn't turning on anymore, so I wanted to save a few photos from the Mi cloud. Somehow I could not access the photos tab online under https://us.i.mi.com/gallery/h5 or in their software on the Pc...
  8. momr35

    xiaomi mi 11 pro xiaomi.eu twrp to original version chinese version??

    hello i have xiaomi 11 pro which is original Chinese version i did xiaomi.eu twrp and i want come back to original Chinese version which is it ..? is it rkacnxm rom ?? or its firmware skacnxm ??? please help i want phone back to original because twrp is laggy and bugy and sloww!!
  9. C

    Help me please! Infinite loop Redmi note 9 pro global

    Somebody know how to fix boot splash loop in Redmi note 9 pro? The phone starts by 5s and reboot, can't open recovery or fastboot mode by buttons combinations or ADB I installed: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote9ProEU_V12.0.4.0.RJZMIXM_v12-11.zip On Redmi note 9 pro 6/64 global, normal variant.
  10. Z

    How to downgrade my Poco M3

    Hey guys, my poco m3 xiaomi eu version is (12.0.9, coming from xiaomi eu 12.0.6), so after use for a while, i noticed this version have some issue/bug, so can anybody tell me if i can or can't go back to (12.0.6)? If i can, can tell me how to do it? (Sorry for my bad english) im new to this...
  11. S

    Move apps to Memory Card

    How to move applications to the memory card? I have space left on the card, but I can't pass anything to him besides photos / themes. When I bought my cell phone, it had this function. But he lost that role after a few updates.
  12. N

    New mi 6x problem

    I have a 6x mi and I can’t install TWRP, I’ve tried all the ways, but when it boots the screen goes black and the phone turns off, this happens every time I try to install, because of that I’m stuck in the Chinese version of miui, I can pass ROMS through the mi flash only. Help me please i need...
  13. D

    Installing Xiaomi.EU ROM on sakura (Redmi 6 Pro China)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install Xiaomi.EU ROM (v.V11.0.4.0.PDICNXM) on my Redmi 6 Pro, but I'm afraid to lose phone to the brick mode... Now I have Pixel Experience ROM installed by TWRP.... How I have to proceed to install Xiaomi.EU ROM? Can You give some help please?
  14. D


    Redmi K20 Pro on global rom with locked bootloader!!! Oem unlock and usb debugging disabled, account not logged in to my phone because all user data deleted !!! So my only hope is EDL mode and pay for authorized account or Ufi Box? Are there better options? PLEASE HELP !!! ☹️ IF YOU KNOW GUYS...
  15. H

    dead sensor mi 8

    help me please. i have xiaomi mi 8 with a dead sensor. im try to flashing persist using twrp and tried to flash with mi tools but nothing can help me. please help me
  16. Brean

    I Need An Answer

    Hello... Im New With This ROM. But i always exciting with new ROM... So here my qustion. I Flash miui 8(6.6.17) With TWRP 3.0.0LP But i choose Weekly ROM So, if i want have weekly updates from this rom, should i change my twrp to stock miui recovey or still on TWRP 3.0.0LP ? Thanks..