lock screen

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    Invalid MIUI 10.3 8.12.27 | Xiaomi Mi 6 Fingerprint unlock missing

    After I updated to 8.12.27 the fingerprint unlock doesn't work, I noticed that from settings the option unlock with fingerprint gesture isn't available anymore. Edit: Solved, I reboot again and it's fixed.
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    Phone getting locked when tapping display (randomly)

    Hello, I have very strange problem with my Redmi Note 4 MTK. Sometimes I cann't use my device. When I'm touching screen phone is getting locked (black screen) and asking me again for password/fingerprint (like after double click on PWR button). I made update of MIUI, wipe data and it helps...
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    New Lock Screen Very Slow (mi5 8.4.4)

    After upgrade to 8.4.4 version the lock screen was very slow to unlock and see notifications. Sorry my bad english.