lock screen

  1. P

    Bug or feature?

    Hello there, I have been using my Mi6 for two years now and right at the beginning I noticed that notifications behave differently than on the previous phones from different brands that I have had. I noticed that once I receive a notification while the phone is unlocked and I lock it, it does...
  2. Akr0n

    Invalid [9.7.18][Redmi Note 7 - Mi9] Notifications not showing their content on lock screen

    Hello, as of last weekly, 9.7.18, I think notifications on lock screen are broken: I have always turned on the setting that can make you read notification's content on lock screen but now the notification's text does not show on lock screen. I've only tested with Whatsapp and Telegram but the...
  3. vegetz

    Invalid [RESOLVED] 9.6.13 Notification sealing on lock screen.

    The 'Show all notifications and thier contents' option for notification on lock screen is not working. It's the same as 'Show all notifications but hide content', the notification is sealed and i need to lift up the phone and do the face unlock to reveal the sealed notifications. I'm on Mi 9.
  4. shazam_104

    Invalid MIUI 10.3 8.12.27 | Xiaomi Mi 6 Fingerprint unlock missing

    After I updated to 8.12.27 the fingerprint unlock doesn't work, I noticed that from settings the option unlock with fingerprint gesture isn't available anymore. Edit: Solved, I reboot again and it's fixed.
  5. K

    Phone getting locked when tapping display (randomly)

    Hello, I have very strange problem with my Redmi Note 4 MTK. Sometimes I cann't use my device. When I'm touching screen phone is getting locked (black screen) and asking me again for password/fingerprint (like after double click on PWR button). I made update of MIUI, wipe data and it helps...
  6. M

    New Lock Screen Very Slow (mi5 8.4.4)

    After upgrade to 8.4.4 version the lock screen was very slow to unlock and see notifications. Sorry my bad english.