how to unlock stock MIUI phone without loosing data?


Dec 12, 2022
Hello everybody,
I was trying to remove screen lock pin from my Xiaomi Mi 10, from the scren lock settings menu, the phone asked for the current pin and, after entering it (correctly I assume), the phone gave an error and shut down.
Since the next reboot I've still found the lock screen asking for the pin but no longer accepting the last one.
What happened? How can I fix? I did not change the pin, I was on the screen lock removal menu.
I have unbacked-up data that I absolutely need to recover, the phone comes with stock ROM, it doesn't have usb debugging mode active, bootloader is still locked.
I tried turning the phone on in safe mode but it still asks for the pin, I tried removing the SIM card too but it didn't work, I tried to enter wrong pin multiple times and choosing forgot password but the disclaimer says that this will erase all the data.
The phone is linked with my google account but (maybe for a bug?) android device manager can't connect to my phone until it is unlocked (last time seen is before the lock screen problem).
I also have my fingerprint set on the phone but, as you know, the phone doesn't allow me to use it the first time after reboot.
There is no Xiaomi account linked to my phone then I can't find it using Mi Cloud.
I'm able to access to recovery mode or fastboot. I also downloaded Mi Phone Assistant that is able to recognise my phone in download mode but the disclaimer says that updating the phone may result in data loss.
Is there any software/method I can use to reset the pin code without losing my data?
Thank you!
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