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  1. Z

    Invalid [ MIUI 11 9.9.26] [ Mi 5 ] Google Play store terminates suddenly & can't update apps

    Hello, i recently updated to MIUI11 on my MI5, from MIUI9, everything went smooth except for google play store, it'd just terminate ( not crash) suddenly, and i couldn't update my apps, i tried uninstalled updates and it went back from version 16.8 to 13.x ~ , issue would happen again, i'd get...
  2. n1kolaa924

    mi 5 display burn

    Can you guys set colors to 90% in offcial rom for mi 5, most of us got display burn. I fixed it like that in lineage os.
  3. K

    [8.3.2] Send/receive Whatsapp Media Issue

    Hi guys, I recently updated to the first global beta of Oreo for mi5pro. Since I have two SIMs, I need two WhatsApp accounts. But after the update, I can't send or receive from the cloned WhatsApp any media. I don't know how to sort it out. Please help me thx
  4. ianhughes74

    [Magisk Module] Step By Step Definitive Gps Solution (global)

    *This module also works for any another device with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset based, so feel free to test it on another device that have Magisk and recommend for your friends that want a better GPS experience and functionality. The original gps.conf file present in any version of MIUI is very...
  5. D

    Whatsapp Won't Open Anymore

    Hey guys i have a Xiaomi Mi5 with Xiaomi.eu Stable (rooted) Whatsapp used to work fine but now it won't open anymore! keeps crashing... i don't know why... i tried to unistall it and install it again and it worked but after some minutes same problem... What should i do? P.S. i'm using an...
  6. war4head

    Mi5: Waiting For Wi-fi When Download/update Apps In Google Play

    My MI5 work fine on V8.1.6.0, but I today install stable V8.2.1.0 and in TWRP after installation new ROM before reboot (clear chace,dav,data - wont fresh start). My Mi5 boot, and all looks ok, but when I try to install some applications with "google play" I got message "Waiting For Wi-fi When...
  7. carlocrighton

    New Google Play Services Has Stopped

    'Google Play Services has stopped' message Mi5 MIUI Android 7.0 NRD90M Did factory reset. Followed all the tutorials on MIUI forum. Google apps install OK BUT Google Play Store just hung on install. So... Downloaded GPServices 10.2.99 from APKmirror.com Downloaded GPStore 7.6.08...
  8. D

    Xiaomi Mi5 Battery Drain After Upgrade

    Help! After upgrading to
  9. I

    Create A New Partition In Local Rom

    Dear, I'm wondering if it's possible create a partition of internal storage . I have 64 GB of internal storage and I would like split it in 54 + 10GB. So in case of factory reset I'll not lose the file in the 10GB partition. Do you know if it's possible?
  10. A

    Stable Or Dev

    hello guys, for those who tried both stable and beta 6.12.22 which one is better? and what are the major bugs in both roms?
  11. A

    Mi 5 Rom

    hello guys, I've just bought a mi5 64gb, and it came with a vendor rom, now i want to change it but i don't know to which rom i should, so i m asking for advice, i need a rom that is nearlly free of bugs(I know that there isn't one which is 100% perfect), that gives good SOT,smooth...
  12. D

    How To Go Back From Xiaomi.eu Stable Rom To Official Global Beta??

    Hello everyone! Recently i bought xiaomi mi5. I found that it is flashed xiaomi.eu ROM miui 7 stable out of the box. But how can i unlock the bootloader now? Is it possible to unloack bootloader from xiaomi.eu miui 7 stable ROM? Hope you guys help me out as soon as possible.
  13. J

    How Do I Get Miui 8 On My Mi 5?

    Hi everyone! I recently bought a Mi 5 from a German reseller. There's an (most likely unofficial) German MIUI version on it, so I don't get any official updates. Can someone tell me how to get MIUI 8? I'd rather have an official English version to get updates automatically, how can I do that? I...
  14. A

    Update With Locked Bootloader [mi 5]

    Hi guys, I current have a Mi 5 and its firmware is So, the rom its not official. I want to install the official global rom. How can I install the official rom without unlocking the bootloader? Because I am having problems to unlock my phone. Thanks.
  15. B

    Mi5 - V7.3.4.0 - No Gapps

    Hi, I flashed my Mi5 with MIUI EU and I can't see any google app installed, only the play store. Is it normal? Or could I do something wrong? Is it better for me to install them from the play store? Flash again? Thanks
  16. J

    How I Can Flash Global Now? Help!!!

    well, im now in MiFlash_xiaomi.eu_gemini_V7.2.13.0.MAACNDB _6.0 my bootloader is locked can i flash new official global stable V7.3.5.0.MAAMIDD (MIUI7) ???? how¿¿? i mean without unlock bootloader, can?
  17. V

    Audio Recorder Mi5 Is Bad

    The audio recording MI5 in the video and voice notes, is very bad, no low frequencies, in 200Hz down does not record anything. You can fix this by updates? or the microphone is bad?
  18. P

    Vpn And Xiaomi

    I tried to use my HideMyAss vpn with dev rom but every time the vpn close. Any solution ? Thx
  19. P

    Xiaomi Mi 5 128gb Exclusive: Video Review

    Hello guys, I want to share with you my personal Italian video review of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Exclusive with 4gb of ram and 128gb of internal memory. Please subscribe the channel if you like the video.