1. G

    Charging Port Mi10 Ultra

    Hello ! Thanks in advance for any help I can get... My Mi10 Ultra stopped passing data thought the USB Port, no data transfer while on the rom, no ADB commands, not even (and more important) fastboot commands. Windows always says the device is malfunctioning. I tried different cables...
  2. famedigiga

    New ANT+ Xiaomi Mi 10

    Hi, ANT+ doesn't work anymore on Mi 10(MIUI by xiaomi.eu RJBCNXM Stable)
  3. Ahamedos

    SMS/DATA Working fine - Calls don't

    Dears, I'm having an issue with my phone. Mi 10 Ultra. I got it second hand. It's connected to the network 4g/5g tested. SMS are working fine, so is Data. reset all settings, and tried multiple roms versions also reverted back to original Chinese rom as well. In all roms, phone calls were not...
  4. P

    New Mi Air 2 Pro Animation Lost

    Hi, I'm using my Mi 10 with MIUI 12.5 by xiaomi.eu 21.3.3 Beta and can't see the animations of my Mi Air 2 Pro anymore. It worked fine since the last update and when I'm using my old modded Mi6 it works fine too. Anyone with the same problem or any ideas how to solve?
  5. G

    New My phone this morning as every morning started to ring the alarm

    When I turned off the alarm the phone suddenly shutdown and then when i tried to turn on it keep forever where it shows you the miui letters i have a xiaomi mi 10. How can i solve? only formating and reinstalling? I have the stable version and im having many problems it blocks very often and...
  6. G

    Installed xiaomi eu 12.2.7 a weeks ago and today i made the reboot to update to 12.2.8

    But it gets me to fastboot all the time and if i flash the twrp and try get into recovery only boot into fastboot and if it make it boot to system dont work its bricked but i achieved to boot using fastboot boot twrp.img and then click on reboot system and it works so I cant update and if i...
  7. C

    TWRP can't mount internal storage at OTA update mi10

    Hi, If I make a OTA update from my mi10 and xiaomi.eu rom the phone reboots in twrp. But I can't use the internal storage to select the zip file. Only installing from usb is possible. The internal storage is 0mb and twrp doesn't ask for Android pin code to unlock. Why is the internal storage not...
  8. N

    update via ota encryption is missing

    Hi All. Im trying to update to the latest developer rom. The Updater is telling me that my file system is encrypted and the twrp should decrypt it . When i go to recovery I can't find any option to decrypt my storage and my internal storage is all with 0 size. I tried in terminal ( of twrp) to...
  9. Suiky

    Cant Access Sdcard folder in TWRP

    Hello, i just installed the most recent weekly miui 12 on my MI 10 (Umi), after downloading the newest Update after that, i tried to install the Update with TWRP but couldnt access the internal storage where the rom is safed. So i checked the internet and tried to find a solution why i cant...
  10. Y


    Hola comunidad, tengo un problema con mi XIOAMI MI 10, ayer intente instalar la rom stock versión global a través de XiaoMiTool V2, pero no se completó la tarea (Tengo el bootloader desbloqueado). Intenté flashear nuevamente pero la aplicación no reconoce que mi celular tenga la depuración UBS...
  11. B

    Invalid MIUI Firefox isn't able to "add to homescreen"

    Firefox isn't able to add bookmark to homescreen. I tried activating the always allow option in security>manage apps>Firefox>other permissions>add to homescreen> allow always. Then restarted the phone as well. But still firefox doesn't save bookmarks to homescreen. Chrome is able to do so, but...
  12. O

    Root detection failed

    I never rooted my MI10 but in the banking app it tells me that the root detection is failed. Is there something I can do? I'm using 18.6.20 beta miui 12 from xiaomi.eu
  13. masc147

    mi 10 pro (cmi) touchscreen doesnt work in bottem quarter

    Last week I was hiking in hard rain, got really wet. After arriving at the target my phone started to mailfunction, first the display. I shut it down, waited a night. On the next day the display worked fine, but in the bottem quarter (at the height of the fingersensor) the touchscreen has...
  14. D

    New Bluetooth volume

    Hi, i am on the stable version on mi 10 pro ( 11.0.16) The bug that i encounter is like this : - i connect Bluetooth headsets which have touch controls on them ( includes volume up , down, google, next song / previous etc ) - when i turn the volume from the device works on the headsets so the...