New Bluetooth volume


Sep 15, 2019

i am on the stable version on mi 10 pro ( 11.0.16)

The bug that i encounter is like this :

- i connect Bluetooth headsets which have touch controls on them ( includes volume up , down, google, next song / previous etc )
- when i turn the volume from the device works on the headsets so the volume goes up and down as it should
- if i choose to lower to volume from headset (left headset) , the volume goes down but the volume remains maximum on the phone ( it's not in sync ) . if i lower the volume at minimum and then try to go volume up from phone, it's maxed out so the volume remains at the minimum volume. to fix this i have to take out the other headset ( right headset ) which has the volume up touch control to raise the volume ( volume from phone remains intact ).
- tried with oneplus , samsung with the same headset and the Bluetooth volume is synchronized with the headset so if i lower the volume from the headset the media volume recognizes the input from the headsets and the media volume from the phone goes down with it or up depending if you lower or raise the volume, compared to the mi10 which does nothing when sending commands from headset.

Is this really a software bug or a flaw in xiaomi's operating system?
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Mar 18, 2019
I have a Mi 10 on MIUI 12 and my volume issue is slightly different. When I connect a bluetooth device the volume on the phone goes to max no matter what the slider is set to.