1. Z

    Unlock tool Issue (Read failed, please refresh or reboot device)

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, i have tried to unlock my Mi 8, but I faced a problem with device info reading. Logs in link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nf-hI-2R-nw_WHE_qUQU9jeCwx0a-lVR/
  2. D

    mi8 have a chance Android 11 for rom eu

    i know that mi8 may not be used Android 11 but i want to know that in rom eu The opportunity has been used for a chance Android11 (for the kind developers)
  3. K

    Invalid Mi8[] Call log bug

    This build does not display contact photos near the phone number in the dialer itself
  4. B

    Invalid Mobile network not available

    Hi all, I've updated my Mi8 to version yesterday through TWRP. Update went fine, however when my phone booted, it didn't ask for my pincode. I saw that it also didn't connect to my network operator. Now I can't make phone calls, send text messages or use my mobile data... When I want...
  5. C

    How to build rom on my PC

    Good mording to everyone, is there a guide that introduce how to setup a fully working build environment to build and customize this rom locally? Furthere more do you have any plan to update the latest mi8 beta release (MIUI 12.1 by xiaomi.eu 20.9.4 Beta)
  6. R

    WIFI not working (MI 8)

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Mi 8 from a friend, knowing that his xiaomi had a strange Wifi problem. No matter what I try, it just don't turn on (and if I try more than 3 times, the phone crashes). Probably this issue is from the hardware part, but I need to try more first. This Mi 8 is...
  7. SAngeli

    Mi 8 - MIUI12 - Contacts address field issue

    Hi, I have a Huawei Tablet, a Xiaomi Mi 8 smrtphone and Microsoft Outlook. I sink all my contacts via Gmail. Lately, I noticed that someone is changing the way I have contat’s address recorded. Here is an example to better explain. The correct way for me I record an address on Outlook is this...
  8. S

    Bricked Mi 8 EDL flashing problem

    Hello, I have a bricked Mi 8 (Chinese version, locked bootloader, broken recovery & fastboot). However, this isn't a problem, as I can go to EDL mode without any problems. The problem is this message from Mi flash : "Sorry, couldn't flash device before turning off Find My Device". Of course...
  9. xandreasx

    Last Stable vs Last beta [Mi8]

    Hi guys :) As you know the support for the Mi8 is finished Currently i'm with the last beta 12.1, 20.9.4 But there is the "new" stable Miui 12 12.0.2 of October. But i think that the last beta from september is more updated right?
  10. J

    New [12.0.2] [Mi8] NFC (and Google Pay) not working

    I'm having a problem with NFC, Google Pay and Card Emulator PRO. None of them work, but I get no error. I can add credit cards in Google Pay, I get no error. I can add cards in Card Emulator PRO, and I get no error. But when trying to use any of the apps to pay, the phone does nothing. I've...
  11. T

    Anyone encounters with the bug of the RSA Token App

    I'm trying to open a sdtid file with the RSA TOKEN app in order to generate a token, but it always stops running and giving bugs notification.. Has anyone encountered the same problem?
  12. Tengushi

    New After Update to MIUI 11.0.3 stable I don't get notifications on my Samsung Gear Watch

    Hello, I updated last weekend my Mi8 to MIUI 11.0.3 stable. Since then I don't get notifications on my Samsung Gear Watch anymore. I made a factory reset and installed my watch anew. I gave all rights for notifications: for Galaxy Watch Plugin and Galays Wearable Thank you for your help...
  13. T

    Battery drain on Xiaomi.EU

    Hello, I recently bought a Mi 8. I've been using it for 2 months already and what I saw is that using official ROM before flashing I used to have like 7h30 Screen Time but after some flashes and ROM changes I only get 3h. I'm currently using MIUI 11.2 by Xiaomi.eu 9.12.26 Beta and I'm getting 3h...
  14. K

    blocking when downgrade!!!!

    Hi, can me help any one? I upgrade my MI 8 to MIUI 11 (Android 10.0, beta on 25 dec.).Success. Then downgrade (with format data) to * xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.2.2.0.PEACNXM_v10-9.zip with * Disable_Dm-Verity_FEncrypt_21.10.2019.zip (for GPay) by twrp-3.3.1-1-dipper Now, i have blocked phone...
  15. M

    When Will MiMoji Camera Come?

    Hi @ingbrzy firstly sorry my English. Why is mimoji disabled in EU rom? Can you enable this feature ? Or can you share it as an additional option? Only available in Miroom. But the best rom is Xiaomi.Eu I am using Xiaomi Eu MIUI 11 Stable (Mi8).
  16. ReaktoringHD

    Android 10: ASHA on Android 10 ROMs? Can i build a custom version of the ROM?

    Hi there, I just want to know if there is ASHA (Audio streaming for hearing aids) activated in your ROMs and if there is any posibilitiy for me to build an custom version myself with this activated when it's not included. Thank You!
  17. A

    Gpay on unlocked bootloader mi8 / cc9

    I have both phones with the same software - unlocked bootloaders, .eu weekly ROM, TWRP installed. No root or magisk modules installed. On cc9 i am not able to activate wireless payments - my phone is not secured. Contacted support and they said it`s because of the unlocked bootloader. Then i...
  18. KaKi87

    Hide notch on MIUI 11 / Android 10 ?

    Hello, I'd like to know if the hide notch feature which was removed on MIUI 10 / Android 9 is back on MIUI 11 / Android 10 ? This is the main reason keeping me using LineageOS-based ROMs currently. Thanks
  19. L

    New MI8 MD5 does not match

    I have this problem. When I try to download an update from the app on the MI8, it starts downloading but after a few minutes it says ''md5 does not match''. If I update the device downloading the rom manually, it works but i would like to do it from the app itself. Anyone knows how to solve this?
  20. H

    New Can't answer call mi8

    Phone ringing, shows black display , try to unlock using fingerprint- you can't ...