Mi 8 - MIUI12 - Contacts address field issue


Mar 18, 2016
I have a Huawei Tablet, a Xiaomi Mi 8 smrtphone and Microsoft Outlook. I sink all my contacts via Gmail. Lately, I noticed that someone is changing the way I have contat’s address recorded. Here is an example to better explain.
The correct way for me I record an address on Outlook is this format:
Xyz, 46
03131 Rome (RM)

The fields are:
Address: Xyz, 46
City: Rome
Province: RM
ZIP Code: 00100
Region: Italy

After a while, hence after a sync, I find this address in this condition:
46 Xyz
03131 Rome (RM RM)

Who is changing the order of the address and other fields? I suspect MIUI12 on my smartphone.

Anyone can please help me out?

Also, on MIUI12 I find hard time to register a new contact because when I have to record an address there are no distinct fields but just one line. How on earth can I distinguish all the fields in one line? Is this abnormal or what? I was expecting something like for the name where if you expand the field you will find First name, Last name, and so on.

Please let me know. Do I have to install another app to get contacts properly managed?
Thank you