miui 8

  1. nlacsoft

    New [8.3.1] Entering Tts Output Crashes Settings

    After a clean install of the 8.3.1 weekly ROM, installed Google Text-To-Speech engine and trying to enter the settings of TTS output (Additional settings / Language & input / Text-to-speech output or via Accessibility), the Settings app crashes and restarts. MIUI 9.3 (8.3.1 eu), IDO (Redmi 3 Pro)
  2. R

    Updating Rom Apps?

    I finally was able to flash TWRP and flash a xiaomi.eu ROM for my redmi 3s. Reading a bit and looking for a stable/buggless ROM I end up flashing version which so far is running perfect but I notice that some MIUI apps are older versions like the security app, themes app and I would...
  3. LiranE

    Search For Call Recording By Contact

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to better find call recording by contact name. Thanks,
  4. A

    Widgets Missed Fix

    Hi! Someone knows when developers will fix the problem of lost widgets? Go around two months with this problem and still not solved. I have tried wipe data through TWRP but it doesn´t work. I am thinking of migrating to Miui official rom because for this. Regards!
  5. D

    Keyboard Lag

    Hello I have a Xiaomi Redmi 3 pro with Miui 8 global installed. I have a problem using WhatsApp, the keyboard become very slow, it’s impossible to write. When I type the letters don’t appear, only after lots of seconds it start typing but obviously the wrong thing. I try everything: flash the...
  6. D

    [rom] Tried To Update For Miui8

    My phone wont turn on after update miui 8. I updated from MIUI 7 to MIUI 8. I unlocked the boatloader Please Help
  7. carlocrighton

    New Google Play Services Has Stopped

    'Google Play Services has stopped' message Mi5 MIUI Android 7.0 NRD90M Did factory reset. Followed all the tutorials on MIUI forum. Google apps install OK BUT Google Play Store just hung on install. So... Downloaded GPServices 10.2.99 from APKmirror.com Downloaded GPStore 7.6.08...
  8. G

    How Can I Update My Xiaomi Mi4

    Upgrade from 5.12.11 to last
  9. U

    Sot On Redmi Note 3 Pro (kate)

    Hi everyone, I was wondering; how many hours of SoT (screen-on time) are you usually getting on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition ('Kate') using any xiaomi.eu rom? I'm currently running the latest weekly (7.3.2) and I'm only getting about 5 hours of SoT before my device runs out of...
  10. N

    Redmi Note 3 Mtk ? - Identify And Global Rom Possible

    Hi All I have acquired a redmi note 3 I think it is MTK MIUI 7.0 | Stable (LHNCNCJ) so this is china ROM and I don't get any updates. Can I install a Global ROM with MIUI 8 ?
  11. rgxci

    Video Tutorial For Upgrading Rom?

    Hello, is there anywhere on Youtube/etc. a good and detailed Video how to upgrade for example from Xiaomi Global to xiaomi.eu custom ROM? I did it last time 9 months ago, and I have no idea how I solved it from the beginning till the end. Because you always need a new/old ADB, new recovery...
  12. F

    Can't Flash Via Fastboot In Miflash As Per Unlock Guide

    Mi4C currently running 7.2.9 weekly. I'm trying to unlock the bootloader after upgrading to Android 7.0 from 5.1. But all attempts at flashing a downgraded version (libra_images_6.1.7_20151221.0000.11_5.1_cn and, which are both recommended by wolkenjaeger's guide) fails after 14...
  13. Marco Silva

    Reformulate Or Create A New Music Player

    Hello everyone, I came to bring an idea that is the reformulation / alteration of the miui native music player. Miui's original music player is very weak. It has few options and is unintuitive. It is very bad compared to other existing players, such as sony (walkman), ios, touchwizz, among...
  14. Zorthos

    Mi Note Pro Android 7.0 - How Well Does It Work?

    Hi, For those who have tried Android 7.0 on the Mi Note Pro - xiaomi.eu_multi_MINotePro_7.2.9_v8-7.0 How well does this work? Did you have any issues with this TWRP? TWRP_leo_7.0 Any known bugs? It'd be great to know if this is a good upgrade. (I'm currently on a dev build on android 5.0.7)
  15. Kristi6.9

    Xposed For Miui

    For everyone who needs xposed se here https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-pro/how-to/xposed-framework-xposed-installer-t3544252
  16. P

    Miui8 China & Google Play

    I'm never quite so stupid as when I am trying to be clever!!! I have a Mi4c bought from *******. Saw MIUI 8 and thought "that looks nice". Flashed the ROM without issue. BUT I should have paid more attention. It is not a global rom and I have lots of Chinese stuff plus Google Play no longer...
  17. B

    "couldn't Check Device Security Info, An Error Occurred"

    I updated my Redmi Note 3 Pro to MiUI8, and when I came across the step to login to my Mi Account it gave me that message (title). I've tried some things from the internet, but it didn't work. Can anyone help me? (I tried to include a screenshot, but it didn't work.)
  18. A

    Battery Drain On Standby Mode Mi5s

    hi, i installed the latest dev. rom 7.1.12 on my Mi5S and i think battery drain is quite high in standby mode. does anyone else observe this? would it help maybe to install greenify oder doze or something else? Or what can i do to save battery when i dont use the phone?
  19. M

    New Mi4 W Refocus Does Not Work In Miui8 [solved]

    Hi, I have just bought a MI4 W, exactly because I wanted to use the refocus option on the camera and it doesn't work. I have been trying to do this for hours now and the option simply does not exist in MIUI8. I'm running MI4 W, Android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI And it simply doesn't...
  20. A

    Second Space Not Working

    Hi guys, i ve a problem actually, i installed the newest weekly version of Xiaomi.EU Miui 8 v7.1.5, coming from the global stable MM 8.1. I wiped everything and installed the ROM and then, the kernel and SuperSU via TWRP ZCX. But know, when i try to create a second space the phone freezes in...