Reformulate Or Create A New Music Player

Marco Silva

Dec 29, 2016
Hello everyone, I came to bring an idea that is the reformulation / alteration of the miui native music player.
Miui's original music player is very weak. It has few options and is unintuitive.

It is very bad compared to other existing players, such as sony (walkman), ios, touchwizz, among others.
It is very incomplete.
You can say: "Just install a new one", but why occupy space with other apps, if we can have a good native music player?

I believe that the main changes should be:
  • Improve speed of access and search for music.
  • Creation of automatic playlists such as "Recent songs added", "Artists", "Albums" in the main interface.
  • Add equalizer options.
  • And the main one, Modifying the interface to a more intuitive.

Tell them if you agree and what other features they might add.