1. P

    End of support: Mix2s / Polaris

    Hello everyone. In the threads of beta Roms the following text is shown: But in the threads of the stable ROMs it does not present this warning. Does this mean that only weekly Roms will lose support for the EU? Sorry for bad English.
  2. dennis0302

    My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.14 after using it for 1 day

    Now we're into the third release of MIUI EU. Things are good, apparently. I'm going to skip the nice parts and go straight to the things that aren't fixed. 1. Full Screen Gestures animation - Gestures doesn't work after enable (reboot needed) - Things are smooth during the first use, without...
  3. dennis0302

    My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.7 after using it for 3 days

    Another week, another MIUI EU update. I gonna say this is a way better release than the last one. Here are the things I noticed that were fixed: 1. Some animation stutter here and there 2. Volume slider 3. Translation on some untranslated parts of the software 4. Cleaner app fc 5. Super...
  4. A

    New MIX2S Front camera not work after update to miui 11

    i have tried all method, include flash the persist.img back to persist partition,flah back miui 9 to miui 11 rom, either chinese rom and eurom , using mifalsh or recovery, but all methods were not work, it still shoe camera not list something in the camera test page.could the dev team can help...
  5. pi4a7a

    New Mix 2S Camera Noise AGAIN 8.8.3

    Photos have grain and noise in the corners even in 100 ISO (Stock camera app) This is something a cheap $50 phone will have. I don't know what camera improvements you did but they are awful. Had the same issue on Mi6, no one bet and eye. Hopefully someone will on this high-end flagship...
  6. _th0r_

    Missing "cust" partition with the data about regions

    Hi! I've faced a problem after downgrading from miui 10 (xiaomi.eu) back to stable global (at that time it was 9.5.20). I can't choose a region in the settings - after clicking regions menu corresponding screen tries to appear but immediately goes back. I've found out that it happens because my...
  7. pi4a7a

    Buying advice: Mi8 or Mix 2S ?

    I am gonna buy new phone after a month or two, need your opinion about that. What do you prefer Mi8 or Mix 2S (both 6/64gb) Both phones have their pros and cons. The thing that's holding me from Mi8 is the S-AMOLED screen. The fact that it can burn-in burns me ( :) ) Both are on the same price...