My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.14 after using it for 1 day


Dec 12, 2019
Now we're into the third release of MIUI EU. Things are good, apparently. I'm going to skip the nice parts and go straight to the things that aren't fixed.

1. Full Screen Gestures animation
- Gestures doesn't work after enable (reboot needed)
- Things are smooth during the first use, without any apps installed. Things went downhill after install
After install every app I need:
- Animation on slide up to return home is still choppy, it doesn't happen if the app is in a folder
- Huge games (games over 1gb) can seriously deteriorate the animation of opening/closing a folder

2. Inconsistency
- Blurring animation is absent when going into the multitasking menu/during swiping up home animation
- Status bar icons/letters turns black and back to white when sliding to another home screen page (default wallpaper)
- Button panning issue
- Font thickness is not consistent/not the same as other font's thickness (status bar)

Suggestions to improve the rom (accumulated since the first time I ever used this rom, and the first time I ever used MIUI EU 11)
1. Remove the custom 3rd party icons and use the stock miui global ones
- Some of the apps looked like they are from ancient MIUI (MIUI V5)
- Some of the apps looked like they are from the flat era MIUI (MIUI 6,7,8,9)
- Some of the apps, especially google apps looked hideous
- After MIUI 12 update, "some" icons are updated to follow the design on MIUI 12, while others doesn't
- The whole home screen looks extremely out of place
- I'm okay with having a white plate behind every app icon, it looks cleaner
- But here's a problem, after updated to MIUI 12, it's impossible to remove the MIUI_MOD_ICONS folder without losing some of the stock icons. I decided to use 3rd party solutions to solve this

2. Based the font thickness on MIUI GLOBAL
- The status bar font, aka the font of the clock, network indicator and also the battery percentage, none of them are the same in thickness.
- Even though they are based on the settings, the battery indicator font is way thicker than the other two, even though I cramp up the thickness settings till the top
- Even the global release and china release is way better at handling the font thickness
- This issue had existed since the dawn of MIUI 11 release
- My suggestions are either optimize it or remove it entirely

This is my review/bug report for this release. Not much to say about this release, except for the fact that the animations are still inconsistent.

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