My Experience with MIUI EU 20.5.7 after using it for 3 days


Dec 12, 2019
Another week, another MIUI EU update. I gonna say this is a way better release than the last one.

Here are the things I noticed that were fixed:
1. Some animation stutter here and there
2. Volume slider
3. Translation on some untranslated parts of the software
4. Cleaner app fc
5. Super wallpaper works flawlessly (abeit huge battery consumption)
6. Overlap of weather on notification center

And some issue that haven't been fixed:
1. Buttons panning issue on notification pop up (like WhatsApp)
2. Full Screen Gesture animation stutters when swiping up to return to home screen (it starts to occur when I had downloaded dozens of apps)
3. Folder opening and closing animation frame drop (only closing on some folders) (idk why but it happens every time I open and close the "GAMES" folder, maybe it's caused by the games being huge in size)
4. High battery consumption (early beta issue, it will be fixed for the next few weeks)
5. Animations felt faster but not smoother, choppiness is caused by this here and there

Suggestions to improve the rom (accumulated since the first time I ever used this rom, and the first time I ever used MIUI EU 11)
1. Remove the custom 3rd party icons and use the stock miui global ones
- Some of the apps looked like they are from ancient MIUI (MIUI V5)
- Some of the apps looked like they are from the flat era MIUI (MIUI 6,7,8,9)
- Some of the apps, especially google apps looked hideous
- After MIUI 12 update, "some" icons are updated to follow the design on MIUI 12, while others doesn't
- The whole home screen looks extremely out of place
- I'm okay with having a white plate behind every app icon, it looks cleaner
- But here's a problem, after updated to MIUI 12, it's impossible to remove the MIUI_MOD_ICONS folder without losing some of the stock icons. I decided to use 3rd party solutions to solve this

2. Based the font thickness on MIUI GLOBAL
- The status bar font, aka the font of the clock, network indicator and also the battery percentage, none of them are the same in thickness.
- Even though they are based on the settings, the battery indicator font is way thicker than the other two, even though I cramp up the thickness settings till the top
- Even the global release and china release is way better at handling the font thickness
- This issue had existed since the dawn of MIUI 11 release
- My suggestions are either optimize it or remove it entirely

Both of my suggestions are entirely cosmetic based, due to my expectation of a perfect software.
I do wish that the dev could use my suggestion to improve upon the software experience.

This is a way better update and it does improve upon the last release. The whole software experience is way smoother and more responsive, abeit some extremely minor annoyances.

Thank you to the devs for fixing the bugs we had on the last release and providing the new update. This is a great release.

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The translation for the word WLAN or Wi-fi is inconsistent some language uses Wi-fi instead of WLAN. And the Global rom English uses Wi-fi while China rom English uses WLAN. It would be great if we use Wi-fi too. Just an opinion.
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Dec 12, 2019
New bugs:
1. Full screen indicator sometimes disappear, it happens after I reboot my phone
2. Weather indicator in weather app (under the temp. indicator) only appears after sliding through different cities
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