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  1. Z

    New Redmi Note 9 Pro ( Joyeuse ) scanner application not working

    Hello, i have a problem on i tried to open scanner app but it is no working. MIUI Redmi Note 9 Pro ( JOYEUSE ) Please help me...
  2. L

    Proxi sensor not work, Mi 9T Pro

    Hello, my proxi sensor not work, I am going from custom rom RR A10 to this weekly MIUI 12.5, but it was buggy for me and i reflash to MIUI 11 stable but sensor not working, i am trying back to MIUI 12.5 but nothing change, now i am on PE A11 and sensor not working... i dont know...
  3. P

    New Fingerprint reader not working anymore after miui 12 update on Mi9 lite

    I used my Mi 9 lite with MIUI 11 beta 19.12.26 ROM, but a few days ago MIUI 12 just came out so I wanted to try it out. I had twrp which couldn't decrypt the data so I had to change the recovery to the latest orange fox first. I flashed MIUI 12 straight from recovery but I...
  4. M

    Invalid 9.12.5 Mi 6 - Color scheme does not work.

    As i try to change color to warmer , i I noticed that nothing change in colors. All options doesn't work.
  5. D

    Invalid [FIXED] Mi 9T stuck camera issue

    The user mlvnslc (from the forums) has found a workaround for this issue: enabling location access to the camera app fixes this problem. You can do that following these steps: Settings → Manage apps → Camera → App permissions → Location (enable the switch). I hope Xiaomi can fix this...
  6. Z

    Resolved Mi Max 3 mobile data not working (V10.2.1.0.PEDCNXM & V10.2.2.0.PEDCNXM)!!

    Dears, As the title says, I cannot use mobile data for a specific SIM card (WE Egypt) on either V10.2.1.0.PEDCNXM and V10.2.2.0.PEDCNXM stable releases despite it's working fine on V10.2.1.0.OEDCNXM. I've taken a logcat. Thanks
  7. C

    Resolved MI 8 - Ok google feature not working

    Hi all, I am a new xiaomi phone owner and I have been experiencing this issue regarding google assistant and the "ok google" feature which does not work. My phone is MIUI Global 10.0 (STABLE) and I don't understand why this feature does not work. The setting inside the app looks to be...
  8. P

    New Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Dual camera not working

    I discovered a bug on 8.7.12. Our Mix 2S has a second camera that is an optic zoom 2x. On chinese MIUI 9 when i press on 2x on the camera the main camera is deactived and the secondary actived. On 8.7.12 instead the main camera remain active also pressing on 2x or manually zoom. I tested...
  9. R

    Redmi 3s Global Not Responding To Anything

    Hello, so my Xiaomi redmi 3S Global 3gb/32GB stopped working. it just turned down and now it doesnt reacting to charging, and i cant turn it on to fastboot mode. I had it in charger for almost 12 hours and still nothing. Thanks for any advice
  10. L

    New Wireless Screen Display Not Working Anymore

    In MI5S in stable V8.0.10.0.MAGCNDH_v8-6.0 working OK. Last week update to the last stable V8.2.2.0.MAGCNDL_v8-6.0 and wireless display not working anymore with easycast. Yesterday i try the last weekly 7.2.24_v8-6.0, but also no sucess with wireless display - detects the easycast, but when try...
  11. H

    New Carousel Doesn't Work

    The carousel doesn't work anymore. Normally you can choose between multiple categories for your photos. Since 6.6.23 the carousel no longer work for me. The only categorie that i can choose is Offline, and it might be me but also the offline doesn't work? Device: Redmi 2 Pro Current rom: 6.6.30...
  12. Ulti00

    Mi Note (virgo) Marshmallow Bugs?

    Hi, I finally decided to update to Marshmallow after a few months of it being released. (6.3.10) I've been experiencing some bugs and just wondered if anyone knows any fixes for these: 1. 3G/H+/4G sometimes dies. Rebooting solves the issue but that is a pain. I tried putting into Airplanes...
  13. L

    Virgo-rotation And Autobrightness Not Working After Few Hours.

    Hello. I dont no, its global issue or only rom issue. I have Xiaomi mi note (virgo). I reports this bug on site and nothing answers. Maybe is only issue. If I wake up my phone from few hours sleep, rotation not work. The same situation is on autobrightness. This...