1. P

    Poco F3: Persistent Issue Despite Multiple Component Replacements

    I have a problem with my Poco F3, so I was wondering if someone had the exact same one and if you found a solution? There are two main problems that I'm facing and I'll explain everything in detail below: Phone is not being recognized by the PC or OTG Strange buzzing vibration The phone is...
  2. F

    New Phone crashes when connected to external drive: incompatibility?

    Hi all, I hope this is the right category for posting this! I have just purchased a Redmi Note 9 Pro and overall I am satisfied with it, but I ran into a rather big issue (for me): the phone crashes every time I connect my Samsung T5 external SSD to it. The drive is fine and works well with...
  3. A

    New Please enable native NTFS,HFS+ support in MIUI

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have a feature request.. I love the eu ROM and I wanna use it forever.. but there is something really important that is missing from stock MIUI and I sent to Xiaomi a lot about it.. The native support for proprietary file...
  4. X

    Usb Keyboards Supported?

    Hello All, I have installed the newest ROM 7.10.12. I want to buy a USB keyboard for my Mi Mix 2, but I am wondering whether the MM2 actually supports it. (Maybe it is unrelated, but some reports about the MM2 say it did not support OTG.) Do USB keyboards work with the Mi Mix 2?
  5. A

    Mi5 Usb Otg Formats Supported

    Hello, i have 64 usb type c otg. I discover that eu rom only support fat32. Since i dont want to have maximum 4gb files i want to use exFat is there any way? I don`t want to use the greedy and buggy total commander software, i want to use it with the original file explorer, is there some way...
  6. S

    Miui 8 & Usb Otg

    Hi! Using Mi5 64gb since April, and Xiaomi.eu weekly since June. All is perfect, just one question and issues about MIUI and Usb Host function. 1) How can one see total space and free space of connected usb stick? As I see internal in native Explorer, ES manager, Xplore. 2) I copied big amount...
  7. W

    Usb Type-c To Microusb Adapter With Otg

    Hello, I had previously a Mi4S. It was difficult to find a working USB Type-C to MicroUSB Adapter that support OTG. Finally I found a meenova adapter and OTG was working, I could connect my Seek thermal camera. Today this adapter is not working on my Mi5S.... Is anyone has a USB Type-C to...
  8. M

    Update Encrypted Mi4c

    Hi everyone Device Mi4c, fully encrypted. Running version (stable): xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_V7.1.4.0.LXKCNCK_v7-5.1.zip TWRP version: The lastest stable update (xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_V7.3.1.0.LXKCNDD_v7-5.1.zip) and TWRP (TWRP_libra.zip) cannot be updated using the updater app. If I...
  9. gbodurov

    Otg Problem

    Hello, I am observing the following really strange behaviour - initially everything with connecting an external usb camera was ok. My usb camera app received events asking for permissions for using usb camera. But after 3 or 4 full charges the app stopped receiving permissions. I checked with...