New Phone crashes when connected to external drive: incompatibility?


Nov 13, 2020
Hi all,

I hope this is the right category for posting this!
I have just purchased a Redmi Note 9 Pro and overall I am satisfied with it, but I ran into a rather big issue (for me): the phone crashes every time I connect my Samsung T5 external SSD to it. The drive is fine and works well with another phone (Huawei) and with my tablet (also Huawei). It uses the exFAT file system and is encrypted using the Samsung encryption. When I connect the T5 to the phone, the Samsung decryption app launches automatically. So far no problem, but after maybe 20-30 seconds, the phone crashes and restarts. It's not a complete re-boot, more like some kind of soft restart, because e.g. it doesn't ask me for the SIM card PIN.
I have tested the USB OTG capabilities of the phone with USB flash drives formatted as both NTFS and exFAT, and I can read and write on them just fine. Of course, there are differences: the size, first of all, and also the fact that the T5 is encrypted.
Any idea:
1. what causes this? Both devices work fine when used in similar scenarios with other hardware but crash when together, so I cannot even place the blame on either of them.
2. how to solve it?

Thank you!