Miui 8 & Usb Otg


Dec 10, 2016
Using Mi5 64gb since April, and Xiaomi.eu weekly since June.
All is perfect, just one question and issues about MIUI and Usb Host function.
1) How can one see total space and free space of connected usb stick?
As I see internal in native Explorer, ES manager, Xplore.
2) I copied big amount of files to a usb stick from Mi5 and didn't check free space on pc. I expected a "no free space" error message from MIUI, but it just deleted existing files on usb stick and overwrote them with copied ones.

Does someone know if there is an app to work good with usb?

P.s. On samsung it showed total and available memory of usb w/o any problem.

What other bugs, problems and features did you notice in you Xiaomi android device?